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Level 1 – Lesson 3
Reading assignment
Pages 23-34

– Who is Shetai?
Shetai is the name for Amun, meaning “The hidden one”. Sheta in itself means that which is hidden, unknown or cannot be seen.

Week 2 Topic #1: Yoga in Ancient Egypt?
The term yoga is the spiritual discipline or program to promote spiritual evolution that was Sema Taui in Ancient Egypt

Topic #2: What is Egyptian Yoga?
The term Sema Taui or Sema Heru-Set are Ancient Egyptian words which can be translated into Egyptian Yoga. Meaning the union of two lands or the union of Heru and Set. The two lands are the upper & lower land of Egypt which is represented as the higher and lower self (Heru and Set).

The Path of nature is – I believe – the path of Maat. The path of law and balance. We must adhere to all the spiritual disciplines in order to unite our lower self to our higher self, our Set to our Heru, Our physical to our transcendental. We must look at life as an experience, an expression of the divine self to be learnt from not just lived mindlessly or ignorantly. Not knowing, not being aware. Aspirants should be interested and want to elevate state of consciousness.

Topic #4: The qualities of an aspirant?
An aspirant must have the primary interest in advancing spiritually. We must having a certain motivation, will and wanting to elevate spiritually.

– What pushes an aspirant to become super normal?
An aspirant must elevate themselves out of societies constraints, boundaries and what they define as normal. Aspirants must conquer and change their own mental condition through purification of the heart, mind and body.

Topic #5 – Qualification of an aspirant?
One who is ready to seriously seek spiritual development, one who’s ears are open to the words of wisdom and eyes are open to the awareness of wisdom. They must have a positive frame of mind that is directed towards spiritual realisation.