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good bad ugly

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Book Story Asar Aset Heru 6-2002 C copy

The Asar Aset and Heru —and Set

A thoughtful post with some aspects that made me chuckle.

In your statement: “We have adopted western & ‘new age’ ways of thinking & going about our lives. ”

The key here is integral versus disintegrated. Western and New Age thought is “disintegral” while true mystical traditions are integral and have all three levels of religion (Myth, Ritual, Mysticism).

On the question: “Is there a difference between Egyptian yoga & western yoga?”

The differences go beyond just the physical postures though as far as the postures the system of Kemet is older and more mythically based. The philosophy of Guru is different and there is no cast system in Shetaut Neter. There are other differences and for that go to African Origins Vol 3. Egypt and India.

On your statement: “The all wants to experience itself, the good the bad and the ugly.

This is where the chuckle occurred; I thought back to the famous movie that led to this term that has entered the lexicon. Indeed time and space is designed to -in an orderly way (Maat)- allow an aspect of divinity to become as if a mirror for itself though we cannot necessarily ascribe a reason, from our perspective the self-awareness is useful. Though, from the perspective of the absolute, there is no necessity; however, why not? If we ask a tree why -if he could speak he might say why not, and this is a poetic way of giving you feedback in such a way to understand the purpose of time and space and at the same time understand its illusoriness as when you look in the mirror. The image is not real and yet the person looking into the mirror is also not real. Yet there is something that is real in all that unreality and it is up to you to discover it with the help of the teaching and the teacher. And it is useful, along with avid studies and practice of the teaching, to face the good, bad and ugly of life so as to then be able to fix the unrighteousness that led to it and its hold over the soul, so as to let go and transcend that trinity and discover the glory of the divine trinity within and beyond…