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Sbait - books of spiritul teachings

Sbait – books of spiritul teachings

“Thou, alone cannot speak. Wonder at thy glorious prerogative; and pay to the Supreme who gave to thee a rational and welcome praise, teaching thy children wisdom, instructing the offspring of thy loins in piety.”



A very optimistic posting.

You have arrived at certain realizations and consider how you got there, by applying yourself to a process that is not even as intense as the initiates of old though for our times is remarkable. Also it denotes what it takes to gain advancement as opposed to just reading books without guidance or not attempting to communicate with others on the path or failing to practice the rituals that go along with the wisdom teaching and its devotional exercises. If therefore, the progress has been thus and there is much more to the teaching then the expectation should be high and the transformation gradual but effective. More and more the relentless move to 24/7 and even before getting there the glory of being in divine space and awareness ensues and enfolds and enlightens as the incremental growth in self-awareness gives way to exponential growth commensurate with the capacity to understand and intensely live the teaching as described, explained and understood.