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Maat be true obverse copy

“The wise person who acts with MAAT is free of falsehood and disorder.”


A short but comprehensive posting containing concise answers that demonstrate understanding. Well done.
A comment on #10:
“10. What one critical factor every aspirant should understand?
How to balance the day to day reality with the teaching that is learned. An aspirant must fulfill their responsibilities and honor their agreements. Practicing the teachings and transcending the world does not mean leaving the world behind. The world is a venue for the aspirant to practice the teachings and to purify their mind and how an aspirant manages themselves while having these experiences in the world determines their progress on the journey to enlightenment..”
It is true that an aspirant should honor agreements and their word but this is not absolute and literal- just because you said you would take a friend to a store and later you discover he wants to use you as a getaway car, this does not mean you must honor your agreement to take him to the store. Just because you signed an agreement with a bank and later you find out they were defrauding you does not mean you should pay the loan anyway, etc. So it is qualified by Maat and the higher Maat in a situation, the higher ethical justice is the path that should be followed if the situation allows. There is much more implied in this feedback but this is all for now and other issues and applications will come up in time that will clarify the practice of maat.