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Akhenaton B

“There is no happiness for the soul in the external worlds since these are perishable, true happiness lies in that which is eternal, within us.”

Dua for the posting
Just a comment on one of the statements: “An aspirant to think of the futility of trying to find happiness in the world instead of within.”
This teaching is not meant –especially for beginning aspirants—to all of a sudden through out their worldly relations and situations. It is however a fact of the wisdom teaching that is to be realized in a sober and considered manner which eventually leads to psychological dispassion and detachment and perhaps also physical detachment as necessary – as well. So an aspirant is to give themselves, with humility, patience and reverence, to the full study of the teaching and then its practice and allow the maturity of the personality, purified by wisdom and Maatian ethical conscience, to automatically dictate the destiny of life on an inevitable path to freedom and enlightenment.