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“Men and women are to become God-like through a life of virtue and the cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily discipline.”




A very important message in this lesson

Many aspirants encounter lack of success over many years because of complacency. This complacency is due to becoming comfortable with a certain level of attainment and/or secondly due to incapacity and/or unwillingness to intensify their dispassion and detachment from worldly habits and comforts. So to the solutions listed below we may add intensification of practice by spending more time in good association and producing positive aryu like through attending conferences and local classes on philosophy and general shedy and meditation and trips to holy sites like Kemet if possible. Another issue is impatience; the modern society wants all now or through a magic pill and no magic pill can cure the ill of contaminated unconscious mind with negative aryu. It takes time, diligence, purity and virtue. These are big problems for most aspirants in modern times and the reason for failure on the path or stagnation on the path. This is reeducating the unconscious mind and fully cutting off the umbilical cord of egoistic worldly attachments and becoming a full human being who is qualified to become a god or goddess.