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Level 1, Lesson 11, Reading Assignment , Pages144-151

1. If religion and yoga are practiced at the lower levels only, what is the result?
You cannot reach spiritual enlightenment when practicing religion and yoga at the lower levels, all you will achieve is dogma and intellectualism.

2. The Egyptian Yoga Book Series have been put together in such a fashion as to offer what?
The Egyptian Yoga Book Series is put together in a way that offers every individual a specific discipline that appeals to each ofthe four personality types, an integrated method to practice all forms of yoga, while at the same time a method to advance through the three stages of religion which are mythology, ritual and mysticism.

3. How should an aspirant think about the prospects to follow an integral path of Sema Tawi – Kemetic Yoga?
An aspirant should have the understanding that with the proper guidance, self-efffort and repeated practice Integral Yoga is a discipline that will lead them to enlightenment. Integral Yoga is the most effective method to practice mystical spirituality.

4. The four aspects of the personality are Emotion, Reason, Action, and Will.

5. The Yoga of Devotional Love enhances and harnesses the Emotional aspect of the personality.

6. Integral Yoga gives the aspirant opportunity to practice Yoga at all times. True

7. Describe the four main paths of yoga practice:
(1) Yoga of Devotion – This path develops the emotional aspect of the personality. An aspirant directs their love to the divine instead of externalizing it in the world towards objects or other people. This path also assists the aspirant in controlling their emotions and experiencing divine love and contentment.
(2) Yoga of Wisdom – This path develops the reason aspect of the personality. Following this path an aspirant will gain understanding of the mystical psychology of the divine.
(3) Yoga of Righteousness and Virtue – This path develops the action aspect ofthe personality. An aspirant will develop the ability to control their actions through the practice of self-less service and gain purity of heart.
(4) Yoga of Meditation – This path develops the will aspect of the personality. Through this discipline an aspirant will study the mind, and gain control of the cosmic forces that are aspects of the personality. Through this practice an aspirant also gains fulfillment.

8. Topic #3 The Process of Yoga? a) integral

9. The Yoga of Meditation controls the feeling directed towards the Divine. False

10. What one critical factor every aspirant should understand?
How to balance the day to day reality with the teaching that is learned. An aspirant must fulfill their responsibilities and honor their agreements. Practicing the teachings and transcending the world does not mean leaving the world behind. The world is a venue for the aspirant to practice the teachings and to purify their mind and how an aspirant manages themselves while having these experiences in the world determines their progress on the journey to enlightenment..