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Bastu Akhu

Lesson 1 – Temple of Aset

Summarize the plot of the Asarian Resurrection Myth

The plot of the Asarian Resurrection myth surrounds the main divinities Asar, Aset and Heru. It tells of the journey of Asar (the soul) from coming into creation (time and space) to being dismembered by Set (egoism, jealousy, envy etc.) to being resurrected by Aset (intuitional wisdom) their union producing the Soul’s incarnation in the birth of Heru ( spiritual aspiration) who then battles Set on behalf of Asar to take his rightful place as the heir of the throne, master of both the Higher and Lower Self. After many battles with Set, Heru become victorious and Set, as the purified ego takes his place as Set Nebi Ra, the protector of the boat of Ra (creation). The unity of the two signifies Sema Tawi- represented by the union of the two lands, upper and lower Egypt.

What are the main takeaways of the Asarian Resurrection myth, the important teachings to remember?

One of the main takeaway from the Asarian Resurrection myth is the fact that the myth itself is about the human predicament and the struggle to discovery the meaning of life, it is about me. All the Neteru in the myth represents parts of my personality and in understanding the myth, I am understanding myself. In embodying the virtuous qualities/principles of the Neteru and the role they play in the myth I can also attain victory, knowledge of Self and the Divine.

Other important teaching to remember are;

a. It is the fetters of Set (egoism, jealousy, envy etc.) that causes the dismemberment of the Soul (Asar)

b. The dismemberment of the Soul, by Set (unrighteousness) is what leads the Soul to identify itself as ‘separate’ – ignorance of Self.

c. Aset ( intuitional wisdom, love) finds the pieces of the Soul with the help of Nebthet, Anpu and Sobek and using words of power put the pieces back together. Djeuty and Amun helped in the Soul’s resurrection.

d. Aset protected Heru (inspiration) from Set until Heru was strong enough to battle him.

e. Heru and Set has the same power so Heru cannot win victory over Set on equal grounds – he has to go beyond him and Set has to give up.

3. Based on the video lecture, the readings and your current understanding at this time,

A. What have you discovered so far about what is the importance about the role of Aset in the epic teaching of the Asarian Resurrection?

Aset’s role is very important because without intuitional wisdom there is no resurrection of the soul and therefore no birth of spiritual aspiration for the soul to discover itself and its purpose.

B. What do you make of her character? her personality?

Aset is very relentless in her pursuit to know truth. Aset is mother, a nurturer of the soul and spiritual aspiration. She is wise and possess words of wisdom and power, she knows how to communicate. She is also very welcoming and loved yet cunning in her approach to Set.