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Level 1 Lesson 3, Reading Assignment page 23-34

1.What is Shetai: The hidden incomprehensible divinity.

2. The term shedy is the spiritual discipline or program that was used in Ancient Egypt.

3. The term Smai Tawi or Smai are terms that translate as Egyptian yoga

4. The path of nature is the school of hard knocks, slow learning through repeated incarnations. An aspirant to think of the futility of trying to find happiness in the world instead of within.

5. An aspirant must have the primary initiative in advancing spiritually.

6. An aspirant is pushed to become “super normal” because much of “normal” behavior is really Nehesh and UnMaat.

7. One who is ready to advance spiritually must have a positive frame of mind.

8. Why is keeping coming of the wise important? Promotes awareness and constant reflection

9. Good association is seen as a primary way to advance spiritually.