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Lvl 1 Lesson 9 Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality A Workbook for New Aspirants pgs. 107-124

1. What is Maui?
Maui means to think, to ponder, to fix attention, to concentrate.
2. What is the process in the practice of the Yoga of Wisdom?
A. Listening to the wisdom teachings on the nature of reality (creation) and the nature of the Self.
B. Reflecting on those teachings and incorporating them into daily life.
C. Meditating on the meaning of those teachings.
3. What are the steps in practicing the Yoga of Action?
A. Learn the ethics and Law of Cause and Effect-Practice right action to purify gross impurities of the personality. Control body, speech, thoughts
B. Practice cultivation of the higher virtues to purify mind and intellect from subtle impurities.
C. Devotion to the Divine seeing Maatian actions as offering to the Divine.
D. Meditation-Seeing oneself as one with Maat i.e. united with the cosmic order which is the Transcendental Self.
4. How should a spiritual aspirant think about ego based feelings and how does the Action Path affect them as an aspirant transforms through time?
An aspirant should understand that these ego based feelings will never bring you any happiness and will actually lead you towards more misery in life. The more you practice Maat the more peaceful you will become which happens in stages and you will eventually in stages be able to go beyond these thoughts and feelings and see the correct action to perform. We will be able to understand that these ego based thoughts that we have been taught that are so real and abiding are self created and act as chains that bind you the negative results of those thoughts. An aspirant should be confident that in time they can wash away all the ignorance with the liquor of Maat. Through the practice of Maat in time we should be able to see that we can become one with Maat and all of creation through a life of righteous action in thought, word and deed.
5. If you do not learn the spiritual lesson that the situation is here to teach you, what happens?
You are setting yourself up to have the experience repeat itself again.
6. By acting and moving like the gods and goddesses one can do what?
One can essentially discover their character, energy and divine agency within one’s own consciousness and thereby also become one of their retinue i.e. one with the divine self.
7. Yoga postures began in India?
8. Many enlightened personalities from time to time indulge in -recreational- activities.
9. The stagnation of the flow of energy through the body has what effect?
Grounding one’s consciousness to the physical realities rather than allowing the mind and body to operate with lightness and subtlety.