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Level 1 – Lesson 3
GS13 – Dr Muata Ashby interview about his work and philosophy by remix show

Questions to Sebai MAA –

– Why is your teaching & your work so important to you?
Sebai MAA believes – & through extensive research – knows that we have all forgotten our way & our morals, our wisdom & our virtues. We have adopted western & ‘new age’ ways of thinking & going about our lives. Our believes turn us toward rather than away from ego. Preaching about all sorts of egoistic tendencies such as, greed, desire, superiority, ignorance due to the lack of awareness of their higher self.

– Is there a difference between Egyptian yoga & western yoga?
The difference is the postures. There are postures in the Egyptian yoga system that cannot been seen in western yoga. There are, though, some postures which are the same but may be called something different. The Nut pose can be seen as the Downward facing dog in western yoga.

– Why do you believe the Ancient Egyptian philosophy is the ‘best’ spiritual or religious program?
It is authentic. It is a spiritual program in which all the religions you see in the world presently have taken there philosophy and myths from. They, though, have been misinterpreted & fragmented & taken apart. This is why the spiritual systems today cannot elevate you spiritually. An ancient religion or spiritual system such as the Ancient Egyptian spiritual program is original, and in this case the most ancient and profound of all religions to date – that can be proven. This spiritual system is designed in such a way that it synchronises as well as incorporates itself into your life, body, heart and soul & purifies all the vices, personalities, etc.. Using knowledge of self, wisdom & righteousness to promote virtuous living.

– What is creation?
Mystic definition – One coming into being by means of a higher source.
Metaphysical definition – The world around us – we can find using science or meditation – is not an absolute reality. Therefor there has be a an orchestrator or creator.

– Who created creation?
The all. The absolute One. The substratum of all creation.

– What is the purpose of creation?
To experience being. To be alive. To experience self. The All, the absolute One, differentiated itself which detail that that became all creation. The all wants to experience itself, the good the bad and the ugly. To expand its consciousness. But, it laid itself down in such a way to maintain the law. The law being Maat in this case. The law, principles, spiritual systems, wisdom, ritual, prayer, philosophy, knowledge & truth are there for all of us who are the droplets from he divine ocean to stay on a path of righteousness to avoid constantly reincarnating and forgetting self in the process while experiencing living & being

– How do myths help us understand how to live?
Myth definition- A Myth is an idealistic story that conveys a wisdom about the life and origin of a culture.
Myths help a culture live a life of righteousness if the myth is correct and leads the culture to spiritual evolution. Having the right values, origin and virtue will lead a culture to harmony and proper living. Western culture do not lead you to spiritual elevation or wisdom. It does not entail any purifying of the heart. This kind of spiritual practise is not enough to find peace or immortality.

– Is there proof of reincarnation or anything beyond?
There is proof in meditation. There are also people who may exhibit gifts and certain flash backs of past life times.

I found the question about polygamy quite interesting. Although I understand the implications towards a polygamous society such as Men can easily impregnate more than one woman at a time where as for a woman in the complete opposite. But I find that in societies where the matriarch as well as the patriarch ‘rule’ the men have respect and no ego when it comes to the opposite gender. They have no real reason to use polygamy. Even then, if there was a reason, such as war and there were less men the women would be in charge of marital duties and other subtle domestically appointed roles as the head in the tribes village. Then, you cross over to Islam, where the system is completely patriarchal particularly in the middle east, the men have enormous egos and act on that twisting versus in their holy book to justify their egos.
Its quite interesting it was mentioned. I am very much for the preservation of the universe when countries are war stricken and the head count for men is very low. Polygamy is heavily needed, then. But when you can count as much boys as girls then the balance has been put back and souls can marry twin souls & fulfil their spiritual tasks in life.