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Bastu Akhu

Level 1 – Lesson 12 – 3511 How to Be a Successful Student Part 1A and 1B

1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words.

I found, in my current understanding that the teachings brought out in this audio recording covered the thought process a student should engender towards the teachings in order to be successful at penetrating the mysteries of Self and Creation. I gathered that a student should first understand what they are studying, how and where it is to be studied, and the purpose of teachings as well as they should know the necessary components to experience the teachings itself which are the Sebai/preceptor (authentic teacher), the Sebait (authentic whole teaching) and the Sebat (receptive student).

The second thing I gathered was that a student should understand what it means to be an aspirant. Sebai said that being an aspirant is the key to a student’s success as it allows a student to develop will power which is what sustains self-effort. Firstly, a student should understand what they are aspiring towards, what motivates them and why. I understand the ‘why’ to be very important because this will give meaning to having devotion of purpose which Sebai mention is love for what you are doing. In addition, an aspirant understands the goals of life, which are the lower and higher mysteries and aspire to master both. An aspirant understands that mastering the lower mysteries will allow them to focus on the higher mysteries which will lead them to knowledge of Self and the Divine, this knowledge ultimately transcends all knowledge and mysteries both lower and higher. An aspirant understands that this is accomplished by having faith in the teacher, the teachings and their own ability to not only receive but heed the teachings. An aspirant understands that through ‘life’ the school for the mysteries are created and taught which can lead to an altruistic view of ‘life’ in which one sees the lessons as necessary in order to graduate from different ‘classes’ and move along the path of burning aspiration towards the goal of self-knowledge. Secondly, a student knowing what aspiration is should also know what it takes to be an aspirant. An aspirant should be self-reliant and practice self-effort. An aspirant should be secure and firm in understanding that they are Divine and as an expression of God they have the capacity to achieve anything they want if they cleanse themselves of distractions and vices. An aspirant should know that they are ultimately responsible for themselves and what they accomplish from and with the help of the teacher an teachings. An aspirant is one who believes in themselves and their ability to accomplish anything they want including the highest goal of aspiration, enlightenment.

The third thing I gathered was that a student that practice self-effort in purifying themselves by turning towards Virtue is a true aspirant. An aspirant follows Maat, what is real, true and righteous. Once this is the focus, then an aspirant should concentrate on it through the continued practice of integral shedy. Concentration is what leads to realization of one’s Higher Self.

2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture?

I am beginning to see this question in a different light. Before, I perceived it as asking about the ‘actions’ or ‘rituals’ of shedy such as the daily worship etc. only, but now, in addition I see it as asking how is the teaching transforming my thinking as well. In answering it from this perspective I will say that I have entered a place where I am ‘now’ JUST beginning to really understand through the foundations given in these lessons the reason for the teachings and I am fixing my misconceptions of it since I first started this class where I really thought ‘I got it’. Though things are not necessarily becoming ‘problem free’ or ‘easier’ as my first perception thought it would, it has however become more fruitful in the sense that I am a little more conscious of my existence than before. I do notice that understanding something correctly do relieve the burden of negativity that comes with wrong thinking. Though this might not be 24/7, I understand that ariyu plays a role and it is empowering enough to continue as I am sure more things will make sense as I move forward.

3. If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?

I will work on understanding and living the virtues of an aspirant.