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Seba Dja


Re: He simply takes his rightful place on the Barque of Ra keeping the forces of chaos at bay as Ra traverses creation. So a purified ego is what is to be cultivated by each aspirant on their path to enlightenment.

This is a very important point as only the purified ego can serve the Higher Self. This reminds me of the Hetheru & Djehuty myth, where Hetheru represented the projection of Ra in time and space to carry out the will or Ra. And in that story, we say that each aspirant (human being) that is born into time and space is that projection of Ra in time & space…Ra, like he sent Hetheru, sends human beings to time and space (earth in our case) to serve his will, but like Hetheru, humans beings forget their true essence and become caught up in egoism. It is only when human beings/aspirants purify the ego that they can to serve the Higher Self, thus fulfilling their true purpose.

The purified ego is therefore, the foundation that leads to the dawning of Nehast, and also the state of mind out of which an enlightened sage operates in time and space.

Good summaries and reflections. I noticed you started out with mythic reference and then also got into expressing yourself via mythic metaphorical philosophical references, so well done overall.

S. Dja