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Level 1 Lesson 3
GS13 Dr. Muata Ashby interview About his work and philosophy- theremix show_671694

1). What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words.
Level 1
Lesson 3
Audio Assignment

Shatuat Neter brings back to the forefront human history that has been put aside. This history first began in what is being called Africa today. This history holds in itself African culture that promotes ethical values and wisdom. Western values have shifted our focus from the Kemetic value system, (which nurtures the individual to be an enlighten being) to placing their focus on worldly pursuits.
Sema Tawi is apart of Shatuat Neter. Sema Tawi mean uniting the lower and higher self. This concept gets it origins in the uniting of the upper and lower lands of Kemet. The higher land represents Heru and the lower land represents Set. Sema Tawi I have come to understand is at foundation of human enlightenment. The two modern day systems that are closest to the Kemetic spiritual system is Hinduism and Christianity. Shatuat Neter has influenced the many different religions of the world, including the two I had mentioned. By it having the ideas that influenced other religions, it also has the ability to bring our world together.

Within Shetaut Neter are mythical stories, which as I understand it can be seen as the blueprints of a culture. Each Religious system has a mythological story. These stories hold in them the ideas and wisdom of life that the culture is structured on. These Myths are also Called Creation Stories. From a mythical stand point we can only honestly understand creation from the perspective of experiencing life as a specific entity on this planet. In order for us to understand creation the culture must have a metaphysical standpoint. Coming from this standpoint we use philosophy and meditation as tools to help us come to the realization of what creation is and our relations to it. I got the understanding that creation can’t be a solid reality. Everything in existence is becoming. We all have within us the all-encompassing all-inclusive creative force of the universe within us. This also makes us apart of creation or creation itself. This experience is to lead us to our higher selves. The knowledge that leads us to our higher selves is to give us peace, happiness and freedom. It is not suppose to lead us to the point of unrest, unhappiness and frustration which comes about we you don’t a preceptor’s guidance.

I have come to understand that the reason for all the destruction and self-destruction in the world today is because of the myth that we are taught in the western world. The ideas that have lead to so much destruction in the western culture are rooted in its Creation Story. Your myths are supposed to lead you to self-discovery. In order to embark upon the journey of self discovery your culture must have a myth that has in it all that is needed to accomplish this goal. There must also be skilled priests and priestesses who are able to make sure the society moves forward with the understanding of the realities, values and ideas in that myth and there relevance to the growth of that society. I understood that we must live by the values that are expressed in the myths. But to do that effectively we must relate the characters in the myths as our higher and lower selves and the realities that exist in an around us.

I now understand that a legitimate religion will be made up of three steps. These three steps are ritual, myth and mystical (metaphysical). Western religions are made up of only two, ritual and myth. In the Kemetic Culture a person is trained in the myths, which gives the person an ethical consciousness. Having this ethical consciousness informs the individual of how their actions fit in with the society in which they live. The next steps are to have a philosophical and mystical understanding of the myths.
I also learned that I have to shed from my consciousness all my past wrongs and not allow them to be apart of my personality. Having being trained in ethical consciousness one can be purified in mind and body and how we approach life.

2). Are you currently implementing the teachings given in the book and the lectures, if so which ones?
Yes. For many years I have considered myself to be on a spiritual path. This journey has led me to several organizations. These organizations and there leaders gave me an abundance of information. This information became what I understand as my ego. I did not have this understanding until after being led to Shetaut Neter. With the help of Seba Maa Dr. Muata Abhaya Ashby I am now getting a better understanding of the lower self, which is represented by Set. In having this understanding I am now practicing putting it in its proper perspective. I am also now become better at listening to the teachings as a source of purifying my heart (mind) instead of using the information to show how intellectual I am. I am practicing getting away from people, places and things as the source of happiness and freedom. These things only ties me to my lower self. The more of them I want (greed and lust) the more I need them for my happiness and the feeling of being free as an individual. When I can’t keep up with the constant need for them I become sad, discontent, angry etc… I understand true freedom comes when you have control of your lower self and merged it with the higher self.

3). If not how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing in your life and spiritual practice?
Never having a legitimate spiritual teacher and having consumed all of the information has surely become apart of my personality. This has led to the needing of exterior gratifications and distraction through constant activity. Never being disciplined in the practices of devotional, reflection and meditation I find it difficult for me to still myself to the point of practicing these important tools for my spiritual growth. I am going to implement these disciplines by slowing down the mental and physical activities. I am doing this to make way for me to concentrate on making these disciplines more apart of my personality.