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“Hail to you Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Gods.”
The previous quote set the table for the animated short of the Asar, Aset and Heru Mysteries. Colorfully rendered, with a nefer narration, I found this piece to be a feast for the eyes and ears, as well as an effective follow up to the previous lecture on the Asarian Mysteries.
It was gratifying to me to see a visual image of the matnu of Asar, Aset and Heru in animated form. Perhaps I am yet too sense oriented, but these visuals had an impact. I suspect that this presentation was selected for the lesson plan to evoke something beyond the spoken mythology. Perhaps it was intended to bring about a balance between the right and left brain which, I believe, is necessary for true spiritual growth. In the same way as watching a play, the animated video gives a sense of identifying with the characters in a way that the written word cannot. Therefore, I found this particular video presentation to be an effective means of disseminating the teachings by way of visual Devotion.
Om, Asar, Aset, Heru
Shems Heryt