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Bastu Baket

I am reposting this assignment here as I had incorrectly posted it in the Reading Assignments but have also added to it.
Shems Baket

Lesson 3 Audio Lecture

103AA – Introduction to Kemetic Yoga Postures, their deeper meaning as more than just exercise Pt. 1:

Sebai Maa and Seba Dja alternated their teachings with this lesson giving us the understanding that the posture system or Tjef Neteru Sema Paut (movements of the Gods and Goddesses) was practiced by the priests and priestess prior to Indian and Asian systems and originated in Kemet as was shown to us in the Temple of Hetheru at Denderah. It is based in mythology for purifying the mind not just for physical health. We are to allow ourselves to come into harmony with the cosmic energies of creation (Gods/Goddesses). Its basis is to lead to expansion of heart (Auwet Ab). Ny these postures lead one to physical health by strengthening and increasing the energy flow to the endocrine system and allowing one to de-stress, etc. But they also develop the energy of the inner personality. Learning the mythology behind the movements gives insights to allow development of the energy of the Gods and Goddesses within yourself, to discover your own Divinity.. Seba Dja shared a Nefer Kemetic teaching, “Men and women are mortal Gods and Goddesses and the Gods and Goddesses are immortal men and women.” This is the expansion and harmony with the cosmic energies we create for union with the Divine. This is the true goal for which one should practice Yoga, not just for the physical aspects but for the purification of the mind to discover the deeper essence, the Divine.

The Tjef Neter Sema Paut is performed in different phases and as we journey through them we discover and embody those energies. The first posture Sebai Maa explained is the Mummy posture which allow you to relax and prepare for learning about spirit. Then entering the Creation phase learning to create the heavens and the earth through the postures as the Gods and Goddesses had done. Next after the Creation phase, now we must sustain it and discover the depth of the earth with the Geb posture. Moving then into the Transition phase where we discover many animal deities such as Selket (scorpion posture), Sebek (crocodile posture) Hor M Akhet (Sphinx posture) these are to be learned and sublimate so we may transcend. Next we discover the Heavenly phase presided over by the Goddesses Aset, Maat, Nut these postures lead to Establishment in the glories that we’ve opened ourselves to and enter into Meditation to seal the practice. If practiced correctly, reverently with understanding of the mythology behind the movements one can experience transformation.
I must admit that I do not have a strong background in doing the postures but have been following along with Sebai Maa’s video which he produced in Saqqara. While we were in Egypt he even showed us the spot where he had filmed it but at this time we were not able to reach it due to a fence. One pose I feel most affinity to in practicing along with him is the Aset Embrace pose. This pose for me allows to embrace the Divinity within me, feeling union with my true essence.

Shems Baket