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“Mastery of self consists not in abnormal dreams, visions and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher FORCES against the lower thus escaping the pains of the lower by vibrating on the higher.”


A very extensive post and reflective as well as evolving also.
In your post you said:
“H. The idea of getting right back up after a fall. The concept of an infant who is trying to walk and is constantly urged to get back up once they fall is the same way that we as aspirants should approach the spiritual practice. We should get back up and remember that enlightenment is guaranteed as long as we have the correct understanding and practice of the teachings.”

Indeed, this little analogy of getting back up after a fall is another way of expressing the Neterian term “antet begag” which, among other things means “relentless pursuit”. An aspirant who is sufficiently mature and convinced of the teaching and its goals needs to learn to proceed regardless of the passing thoughts and emotions that sometimes lead to depressions, frustrations, depressions, as well as elations and “happy times”. Both good and bad times are deceptions of egoistic worldly existence and each leads to the other in an endless cycle of reincarnation (uhem ankh) that needs to be transcended.

You also said:
“B. I understand more now that attending the conference is of paramount importance in my personal growth. I have always had the attitude that I cant experience everything and that If I’m unable to participate in something then It just wasn’t meant to be but I realize that somethings you have to create in your life, you cant just sit back and say if it happens it happens”
Definitely an important point has been touched on here. Certainly one must go with the flow but that does not mean pursuing the goals of the teaching with indifference. An aspirant should not be “wishy washy” about pursuing the goal of enlightenment- thinking they should accept whatever the world gives them. This teaching is given in one of the most ancient text, the Pyramid text of Unas where he bullies the gods and goddesses into doing his bidding as he asserts his Asar nature and self-mastery. The teaching is to be pursued with due diligence (Maat Ary) and relentlessly (Antet begag). Then whether or not there is apparent success or failure in some specific objective –the higher goal must be kept in view and also the real benefit is attaining purity of heart through righteous actions. This leads to maatian inner peace and harmony and enlightenment. So do the best you can to attend and after that if you can’t make it, then you accept that outcome but also knowing that your effort was itself a success in how it was pursued and look to the next opportunity to insist with the world for what you want to achieve and eventually there will be attainment of what the soul needs to gain for the spiritual journey.