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Very well. This lesson was just a very brief look at the Asarian Resurrection myth and its implications as they relate to goddess Aset. Indeed she is one of and perhaps the most important factors that allow the entire process of the Asarian resurrection and the redemption of Asar through Heru, to occur at all.

The mysterious power that allows Aset to fulfill her vital role in the myth and indeed in the life of every Asar (spiritual aspirant) is the subject of this class.

A few points:

In your post you said: “Asar which represents the higher self.” I want all to keep in mind that the idea of Asar as the higher self is certainly correct but also in terms of the Asarian resurrection he is a metaphor of the soul and Aset likewise is a metaphor of intuitional wisdom- therefore it is intuitional wisdom that resurrects the soul; This is transposing the mythic terms Asar and Aset into their mythic metaphorical philosophical meaning for our study. This practice of transposition of the terms is important for the higher study process.


In your post you said: “Similarly as aspirants once we begin to become fed up with the world we should use the Shedy disciplines as our plan to discover the truth behind creation and God. Secondly in the Asarian Resurrection it is the devotion and diligence that allows her to find Asar. Again as aspirants we should develop the Aset like devotion and diligence when tying to discover the higher self.”

I appreciated your use of the term “fed up” and indeed before flying off the deep end, committing suicide, getting entangled with worldly relations, seeking out fame, fortune or status or power in the world of time and space –all in an effort to give meaning to life and sooth the pain of unfulfilling life due to ignorance of the knowledge of self (i.e. lack of enlightenment) a person should move towards that which reveals the meaning of life and this is what is called “becoming an authentic spiritual aspirant.” This is the process of Khak ab and antet begag that we will be studying in more detail soon enough. Keep all these points in mind going forward.

The next lesson will be released soon.