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Bastu Akhu

Level 1 – Lesson 12 – Introduction to Egyptian Yoga WB pg.169-179

1. Sdjm means ___heeding__ the teaching.

2. After practicing for many years and not becoming enlightened the recourse an aspirant should take is:
1. Repeated effort – practice strict adherence to spiritual practices 2. Dispassion (becoming free from delusion about the world and desire and hatred) which clouds the intellect. 3. Devotion with form (this secures divine grace)

3. When does maturity to succeed in the teachings occur? When there is sufficient frustration with the pursuit of worldly desires.

4. The desire for worldly attainments should be replaced with desire for __spiritual__ attainments.

5. Those who want to practice salad bar ___spirituality__ or seek the advice of oracles or create their own independent classes should do so on their own.

6. How should an aspirant think about their spiritual path when they encounter failure to meet the instructions of the teaching or they fail to execute their own desired level of practice?

An aspirant should try to understand that the spiritual path is not without bumps, ups and downs etc. due to one’s ariyu so failure is expected until enough cleansing is done through living a maatian life. When these failures occur an aspirant can try to ride out the storm, and when able continue with their practice by picking oneself up and continue with the shedy disciplines as instructed. Over time as an aspirant continue to practice shedy they will also develop the will to combat these failures which with perseverance and effort will lead to the goal of nehast.