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Level 1-Intro to SN short part 1b-List the important themes presented:

1. Understanding African religion, Shetaut Neter, Neterian spirituality
2. Spiritual organization & the 2 branches: Semi Institute & The Temple of Shetaut Neter.
3. Righteous Teacher & a Righteous student, Shemsu & Cosmic forces
4. Understanding the 3 Stages of Religion-Myth-story, Ritual-chanting
5. The story of Asar, Aset & Heru – (The story-myth is acted out in the scenes of the temple)Re-enact the myth-Process of Shemsu Neter. Temples of Aset & Heru
6. The Great Awakening in Neterianism Culture
7. Scriptures of Shataur Neter-/Different traditions-different entries into the philosophy of spirit
8. Practicing Shedy-devotion to the divine-leading to wisdom in the heart & the mind-knowing oneself-true of speech-purified & virtue-true understanding of life,spirit & self
9. Understanding Neterian Culture
10. Books of different disciplines
11. Daily Observances of Shemsu
12. Family Tree of Neterian God & Goddesses
13. Anthropomorphic & Zoomorphic Iconography

2. Explain What impressed you most:

[This is truly new to my awareness, I’m finding I’m having some challenges with being disciplined to remain
focused & stay on course in my studies. It took longer than I anticipated to not only view but understand the
information in the videos. I am determined to stay the course.]

-Learning that the Neterian-(Shetaut Neter)-Religion is one of the oldest religions
-The Sphinx is the earlist example of a practice of religion
-The Higher & Lower self