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I am looking over the Four Spiritual Disciplines in Three Steps page in the Workbook page 64. I am wondering, for those of us seeking better understanding for how to go about studying the teachings, is it advisable to study the teachings of each tradition through the order offered Asarian Tradition -> Aton Tradition? I see that on page 78 another order is given. Is there an ideal order for studying the teachings overtime, if not how best should we understand the process of studying various teachings? Am I correct in understanding that the Asarian Ressurection story, the Creation story, and the Hymns of Amun are the most important scriptures and myth for us to study? Also, where does the interactions between Tehuti and Heteru ( Glorious Light) fit into the traditions listed, is it Goddess tradition ( Shetaut Netrit)?

Also, can more be said on the tutelary divinity? I have a certain divinity that encouraged me into the kemetic system years ago. Now, in returning to Shetaut Neter with the initiative to be wholeheartedly dedicated, the connection to that divinity needs to be re-established. The divinity for me is Tehuti.My thoughts on this are that I begin a worship process of Tehuti, identify as a student who can be one Tehuti who is seen as the Ntr, and particularly use stories and teachings like the Tehuti-Heteru story to receive the unique guidance of my tutelary divinity. Is this correct understanding?