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Udja Anthony,

In answer to the question of using “reflection rooms” at a previous job I did indeed use spare rooms to practice in at work and that did work for a while until I kept getting interrupted so I just shifted my practice outside. Anpu Waset also suggested to me to sit in my car for the noon time worship which for me at my current job works great. I had the opposite feeling of practicing in public at previous jobs because this fed my ego and bolstered the ignorant view that I was somehow different or even better than the rest of the people at work. In my opinion being hesitant to pray or being bolstered by egoistic pride are both incorrect views. At school as well as work I would suggest finding a quiet spot that is away from the crowd and do what practices you can do with the least interruptions and as you move closer to the Divine you will realize that it is nothing to worship in public because the Divine is all that we are really interacting with anyways. We are indeed much more than individuals in a world of seemingly different people and objects. One thing I will add is that in my opinion I wouldn’t attempt to meditate at work or at school as it is harder to concentrate and the ego can really use your surroundings as fuel for a constant flow of distraction. But I do understand that everyone’s situation is different. Now I prefer to meditate when in the quiet of my house but I still practice the chanting and prayers in my car at work as when distractions come it is easier to remember the songs or chants. I hope this has helped to answer your question.

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