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djehuty and ammit and anpu at balance scalesimage029 propietary

“Mastery of self consists not in abnormal dreams, visions and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher FORCES against the lower thus escaping the pains of the lower by vibrating on the higher.”


It should not be expected to learn varied new items especially in the beginning lessons of this program as their purpose is mostly to recall the fundamental teachings and histories needed as a foundation for a viable initiatic teaching. Additionally, that fundamental teaching serves to reiterate and reinforce and correct certain details that become mistranslated into the popular culture of Africentrism or New Age Ancient Egyptian Mystery books used in modern culture. Another purpose is to form a common ground for all students to have a common platform from which to perceive the perspective of the teacher and in which to interact with each-other so as to have a harmonized environment for discussion and instruction.

On your statement about dreams:
“I was once told that dreams are experiences we have as apposed to having it in real life. Even though it did not happen in this reality, our consciousness went to another plane or dimension and what we experienced will stay with us forever just like what we experience on this plane of existence. It will always be with us as a memory.”

Dreams can serve as substitutes for physical experiences; ex. you can break a leg in a dream instead of in physical life (which is more convenient) though this depends on the force of the aryu. Dreams can serve as insightful or prophetic purposes as well as venues for communion with the neteru.

On your statement about dreams:
“If we see this reality as if it were a dream where we go to experience & at the end of your life in the dream you wake up to your natural self as a spirit as you do when you sleep, waking up to the plane of existence you’re most attached to.”

Indeed the fate and destination of the soul is determined by its affinity but that is not determined by the conscious belief system unless it is inline with the dictates of the unconscious. The fate of the soul is directed by the aryu in the Ab (unconscious mind) so it does not matter what a person consciously believes at he time of death if the aryu does not support that belief. This is why a person’s sins cannot be forgiven on their deathbed if they have lifetimes of unresolved aryu that will force h them to reincarnate after experiencing hellish conditions in the netherworld. So it all comes back to promoting purity of heart in order to attain true and abiding enlightenment, beyond all dreams and states of awareness (waking, dream, dreamless sleep).