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Level 1 Lesson 3, Title: Intro to SN Short Part 3b.mp4. Length: 41 mins

What are the main teachings brought out in the video lecture recording? Explain in your own words
– Historical Similarities between Kemet and Indian Spirituality: Female Indian Mystic wrote text identifying Ancient Egyptian Origins of Yoga. Very few recognize or accept this connection. Ajahn Mukati (?) writes on the Tantric connection being practiced in Mediterranean culture ( as an outgrowth of Ancient Egyptian Tantra.) Similarities drawn between Ancient Egyptian philosophy on the afterlife and India. Original names in Indian spirituality were not traditional Indian names, many of these names sound Egyptian (non-sanskrit names.) This connects also to the link between Buddhism and Memphite Theology in the city of Memphis.
– Question on Set “ Does he have any temples?” A: No, no temples. Seti supported Set. By late period Set was identified with foreign invaders, Hyksos. They adopted Set as a patron deity.) Originally Set was a benevolent divinity who represented the lower ego forces ( sexuality, food, greed, power.) These are not negative forces, but the unnecessarily application of these desires lead to inequities and personal/social issues. Set is not a devil, he represents the ego aspect often in a state of delusion and ignorance which strengthens the Ego aspects.
– Question on Temples “ Do all the Temples show this teaching?” A: Most of the Temples show pieces and parts of the larger teaching.
– Question on Mind “ Tehuti and Ra both represent mind, do they represent different levels of Mind?” A: In the trinity of Amun-Ra-Ptah. Amun ( witness), Ra ( interaction between witness and time and space.) Tehuti represents congnizing mind, comparing ideas. Ra represents total encompassing instrument of mind between Self and Creation. If through Meditation you dissolve one aspects of the trinity, one of those world-interactions would dissolve and you have a direct experience of the inner Self. This is part of the deeper aspects of meditation philosophy.
Question on Unconscious Mind “ ive noticed while working nights and sleeping during days, I wake up in the blink of an eye, I cant bare witness to the deep-sleep state but I am more conscious of it after waking up. When your devoid of Ego, is that what happens:? you seem to exist as an individual. By not identifying, I am unconscious in the sense of the unconscious mind. Is that what the unconscious state is doing for me?” A: The short answer is Yes. The Amun-Ra-Ptah Trinity is precursed by Nebertjer. Now consider that your personality is Amun, if you stopped your concept of knowing yourself as an individual you would get rid of that trinity? What is left for you to experience as an individual? Thats sort of what happens in deep-sleep. When dreaming another “you” comes up, its not your waking self but its “you.” In deep sleep all this dissolves, “your” not there but there is still something. If you get rid of the Triniy of Amun-Ra-Ptah you would have Nebertjder, your transcendental self beyond all manifestation (deep sleep, dream, awake.) People do have these experiences on a daily basis. The key to the deeper problem, to understand the problem, is that there is a positive and negative experience(meditation philosophy, shown in Egpytian Yoga Vol 2.) When you fall asleep and have a dream that is a negative experience in reference to your waking consciousness in the dream state ( not talking about the waking state.) Two ways into the Dream/Astral realm; Unconscious/ignorant is a dream, If you go in a conscious way you know its not a dream and not a real trouble ( this is the positive experience.) For the waking state this is also true. Negative view is that the waking world is an abiding reality, but for those with higher consciousness they can have a positive experience knowing that the waking state is like a dream. If you experience that level of wakefulness perennially ( unbroken), then you would not be caught up in the dream world of sleep or time-space (awake) reality. That is called Enlightenment, and is caused by doing the practices which purify the Aryu and allow for these positive enlightening experience. The techniques discussed publically are for a general audience, there are more advanced techniques of meditation with breath work and visualization that will activate and manipulate certain energy centers and it will cause consciousness to be pushed into awakening. Those are for advanced practitioners. These are reserved for those who put in the time and practice at the level of becoming priest/ess or on individual basis for those who are judged to be worthy of that practice. ( If an aspirants uses the basic public practice virtuously and with perseverance, can one attain the high state of perennial enlightenment through the basic practices? )
– Discussion on Other Spiritual Systems: Its good to stick to a system and teacher virtously, if that teaching/teacher is providing access to the mystical experience. For those groups who are not receiving access to mystical experience ( Moorish, Yoruba, Islam, Christianity, etc) they may like to merge the ideas of different teachings when really they are incompatible. That level of practice will not let you progress on That or This tradition. It is disruptive to serious practice. Greeks acted like this in some regards because they picked-choose from Egyptian spirituality, arts, and culture to their culture. Also can be seen in religious interpretations of Ancient Egypt by Bible, Christians, etc. This is told in order to reveal the nonsense. We should remain kind, while also being forthright to not waste time in discussions or relationships with such personalities. Nehast, the enlightening experience, is the Goal of Smai Tawi Shetaut Neter, and many other groups are not focusing on that mystical level of religion, spirituality, philosophy, etc. This is not an exclusion of honest seekers. Were not proselytizing. According to Arab history a Sufi mystic defiled the Sphinx, what kind of mysticism is that? Mysticism is the “growing into the awakening of all encompassing divinity”, what does this have to do with destroying other religions artifacts, this is not a righteous form of mysticism through the Kemetic lens from that reason. There are some serious contradictions.
– Morals are judged by deeds, not by nice thoughts or wishes. This is the Key to Maat Philosophy. It’s not your words that you’re judged by but your actions.

2. What impressed you?
– I am very much impressed by my own aspiration to follow a specific system, and the reduction of agitation by not aspiring to share this teaching with everyone ( as I always tried to do in the past.) I am now through life experience and the teachings beginning to understanding where people are at, how rare and precious it is to aspire to True spirituality, and keeping the true spiritual aspirations for those who truly aspire to a higher experience beyond the perishable.
– Impressed by the world history analysis of Kemetic culture and its influence. Brings a greater clarity to the work and what we see in the “religious/spiritual” cultures today.
– The discussion on Mind was very important. I will be going back to review the analysis of conscious-subconscious-unconscious and the realms of existence as discussed in the Meditation Book.