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Djehuty as scribe

Lord Djehuty



a very extensive post with some good reflections.

First a couple of corrections
Though you may see some renditions of the name for the god Thoth (greek/western) as “Tehuti” The correct term is “Djehuty”

the term “Tef Neteru” is Tjef Neteru

Now moving on.
As to your statement:
“If your heart is lighter then ( is it possible to have a light heart if you performed unrighteousness up tell a certain point in your life, can this be known.”

If the heart is lighter than the feather now it means that whatever was done in the past-even the past of the current lifetime- has been resolved through the spiritual work (shedy).

on your other statement:
“When I meditate it feels like all things dissipate, and I wonder if that state is maintained if that could start the elimination of loads of karmic weight?)”

Indeed meditation practice is dedicated to dissipating the world of time and space and indeed if it could be maintained for extended period it will have the effect of eliminating loads of aryu (karma). It is also important to keep in mind that extended meditation practice in itself needs to be conducted along with integral practice of wisdom study, devotional practice and ethical conscience for these actually clear the path in the subconscious mind in order to allow the mind to be able to concentrate for extended periods.

Its not a catch 22 but rather an integral process. Otherwise you can have depths of experiences in meditation that are actually delusions and not really depth experiences but rather deep relaxation that the ego convinces itself are “mystic” experiences and freedom from time and space. eventually the error reveals itself to the surprise of the practitioner when their deeper aryu ego factors arise unexpectedly from the depths of the unconscious mind.

On the following point:
“1. The discussion on Maat philosophy was very important and impressive. I would like to learn more about the journey of life beyond this one. I understand that Maat philosophy is not only for the hereafter but as said it is the practice of righteousness in order to discover a cosmic harmony in the present moment. ”

You will receive more on Maat for sure throughout the program. For independent extracurricular study now look at the Highlights of Shedy program at and the book INTRODUCTION TO MAAT PHILOSOPHY by Sebai MAA



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