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This was a very good compendium of the myth of Asar Aset and Heru. And a excellent summary at the end:

“I can listen to a lecture on the Asarian Mysteries.Like Heru, I am a shems that vindicates Asar through the teachings that live on. For the Matnu of Asar, Aset and Heru is the story of our own fragmented Soul, torn to pieces by the ego (Set, i.e. ignorance) We must take up arms, through the teachings of Shetaut Neter, and gather the ruins of our fragmented Soul to re-member our true Higher selves. In this way the Soul is vindicated and Asar, through Aset and Heru, becomes King of Eternity.”

This and a few (well, many) other elements of this and other lessons are intended to inculcate the myth in such a way that the student will have more than faith, more than the capacity to memorize and recite the events and even the morals. The purpose id devotion. In this context devotion is not to be thought of ordinary in religious terms such as going to temple and performing a ritual or standing up for Asar when some foolish Muslim says he is a pagan god, etc.

Devotion is complete dedication (dedication/ascribing importance and reality) to what one feels in the bones as the truth of self out of conviction not born of ignorance, fear, guilt or inadequacy. This is mature devotion. So we devote to Asar not because we have faith or because our parents baptized us into it at an early age; we do so because we are already convinced and need not prove to others or debate with others, we have examined it and know it is a relevant and higher truth about ourselves that we know reveals more the more we devote to it and the less we devote to the sham of egoistic worldly relationships, incomplete religions, social, political and economic corruptions or other delusions of the mind and senses about ourselves or others. In short, this devotion is to truth and that brings us back to a foundation in Maat, standing on her so as to reach the Divine.

Then, having those convictions and certitudes, the deeper study of the teaching can then reveal the higher expansions of the mythic wisdom which follows. So, Devotion and Wisdom are the way and this greatest of Kemetic myths contains the fulfillment of Devotion and Wisdom that leads to Asar (Nehast).

If we consider the following proverb:
“Seekest thou God, thou seekest for the Beautiful. One is the Path that leadeth unto It – Devotion joined with Wisdom.”

We are to understand that the Devotion is not blind but vetted faith, so it is not faith-based devotion based on nothing but rather based on discovery, first in imagery of the temple and then imagery of mind and then concept in intellect— that all rolls up into saa or understanding with feeling (intuition) that goes beyond faiths, convictions, thoughts and concepts. This form of knowing, later called Gnosis, is knowing with experience, partaking in Divine essence and knowing self as that same Divine. So, consider closely your understanding of devotional as an aspirant and also your evaluation of your own devotion based on the standard just laid out.