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Intro to SN Short Part 3B
Level 1 – Lesson 3

List the important themes presented
– Hathor yoga – Postures of the God.
– Indian Sages referencing where their culture & spiritual tradition derived from.
– Oldest Buddhist culture associated to city of Memphis/Menofer.
– Why Set has no temple
– What Set represents
– What the trinity represents
– What the trinity represents
– You will have an experience outside of the ‘norm’ when one gains wisdom.
– Dream world – Unconscious = Dream
Conscious = Lucid
– Dreams + Experience – Negative or positive?
– Seeing this reality as if it is a dream
– A lot of people can delude themselves into supporting their spiritual or religious systems regardless of whether their right or wrong, It’s almost as if they hold & follow the notion of “I will support it because I was born into it.”
– Morals are judged by deeds not words. “Knowing is not enough you must apply, willing is not enough you must do.”

Explain what impressed you
– I wouldn’t say anything impressed me or taught me anything more than I already knew, but I do like the idea that certain Indian sages of western spirituality do have the morality within them to speak the truth about where their religion derived from. I also was very interested in the explanation of dreams, though it was in reference to being aware of ones divine existence. I was once told that dreams are experiences we have as apposed to having it in real life. Even though it did not happen in this reality, our consciousness went to another plane or dimension and what we experienced will stay with us forever just like what we experience on this plane of existence. It will always be with us as a memory. If we see this reality as if it were a dream where we go to experience & at the end of your life in the dream you wake up to your natural self as a spirit as you do when you sleep, waking up to the plane of existence you’re most attached to.