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On the first issue, there are different forms of sexual activity; fornication may be considered a type that indulges in the duality of gender and which intensifies the psychological concept of self as gender as well as intensifies the aryu related to that concept. Householder sexuality is for procreation and enjoyment of human pleasures within an orderly process that reduces vulgarities and promotes sublimation. Tantrism is a whole other aspect of the mysteries that relates to not indulging or intensifying gender but using it to neutralize it in order to discover the androgynous nature of the deeper self below the layer of physical body that is used for physical sex. This subject has been covered elsewhere in the forums so I urge you to look for those posts.

On the second issue of the organic items; excluding the issue of starvation, indeed if there is a unrighteous act and one’s conscience is bothering you it means that is maat speaking and if one does not listen then that instance becomes lodged as negative aryu in the heart-later to be judged by Maat. One may have a healthy body but what of the health of the unconscious mind? Rationalization outside of an emergency taints the ethical conscience and renders the mind dull and opaque to the higher wisdom of the teaching. The answer is that the negative conditions of the world should be met by personal ethical effort, boycotts of unrighteous enterprises, and collective economies of scale meaning that those of like mind should come together to support existing positive resources or create volume efforts to reduce costs for all via their own enterprises. Save that, there are other ways to reduce costs and live healthily without necessity for moral ambiguities or questionable acts.