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The Ancient Egyptian Hemu (priestcraft) had varied levels of practice from part time to full-time temple work. Some priests and priestesses also worked with the general population and others exclusively in the temple as what would be called Monks today. The high mysteries are a practice within the inner recesses of the temple and as such are conducted there and not in the practice of extreme asceticism. The practice of itinerant wandering ascetics occurred in the late period of Ancient Egyptian history. when the society started to disintegrate due to the damage done from external warrior cultures. So it was a practice that developed out of circumstances and not out of a age old proven temple discipline. Later the Christians in Egypt started their first monastic order but based primarily only on prayer and contemplation and not high mysticism. However, it is likely that this practice of asceticism in India is derived from Ancient Egypt. But it was not prevalent in ancient times and so we do not advocate it as it is liable to misunderstanding and excesses that are counterproductive.