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“Om Maati Maakheru”






Maat“The One Divine Self manifesting as the dual goddesses of truth of above and below (Heaven and Earth) Assist me in attaining spiritual enlightenment”

“Om” is the Amun, the hidden essence, the Neberdjer, the all encompassing essence – which is infinite and eternal. That eternal essence manifests as the duality of the material universe that is true in the above and the below; so Creation is true and the heaven above is also true in their essential nature as manifestations of the singular Om essence. That wisdom of the transcendental one that manifests and the reality of Creation and the reality of the non-material nature, that wisdom, let it make one who knows and speaks this hekau in alignment with that essence; And of course being aligned with the essence of the material and non-material, that is the one, the nehast, the coveted goal of spiritual awakening!