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In my practice I am currently focusing on aligning myself with Maat. This morning I read the section on Maat philosophy from Sebai Maas text of the Prt M Hru. I am inspired through the correlation of Maat to the Tao or Dhamma, and giving myself unto Maat. Three things trouble me. One, what is the implication of our previous actions or past life actions and making the shift to a life based on the precepts? Is non-fornication complete celibacy, allow for tantric practice and reproductive sex, or does it mean sexual relations only within sanctified relationships within the framework of Kemetic spirituality? Lastly, and this one is more urgent, the past few years I have bought organic produce through the quick-scan as “conventional produce” at my local store. It seems silly but I have benefited from a mostly organic diet this way but have frequently “admitted” this to friends and family and asks others their opinion on if this is unrighteous. What keeps me on the fence is that I know the system is unrighteous in nature, unfortunately, and that the whole paradigm of offering a cheaper produce and a more expensive produce as well as the low wages of employees and profit-based big business and factory farming, so I have felt justified in obtaining the best quality for cheapest possible price when it comes from buying from big business ( if its farmers markets and such I don’t do this.) If I did decided it was unrighteous act I probably buy more convention produce because I could not afford to the amount of produce I eat and juice regularly, which is not a lot generally because Im a light-eater ( maybe this is underestimating myself.) I will stop this for now until I gain clarity on the subject. Any guiding thoughts on this? Also, when reading the Maat philosophy section in the Prt M Hru text it discussed giving ourselves to Maat and letting go of our individual egoistic desires, this strengthened my idea that renouncing the “stealing” of higher quality produce is the way for me to resolve this question within my heart (mind,) as I wish to give up my egoistic desires in favor of an alignment with cosmic harmony and the divine. This question on the produce has bothered me for a couple years. It also makes me see the deeper discipline of Maat, as I have more questions on how to live Maat while in an unrighteous world. Like, driving a car, and many other things that feel impure. The difficulty to live with a certain kind of reverence and sacredness within a society so influenced by agitation and dullness.