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Lvl 1 Lesson 8 Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality A Workbook for New Aspirants pgs. 91-106

1. Akhus are enlightened beings?
2. The goal of the Neterian disciplines is to discover the meaning of Who am I?
3. How should an aspirant think about the diet of the initiates as espoused by the Temple of Aset and is it a realistic goal to be achieved?
An aspirant should be positive about his/her ability to change to and maintain a Kemetic Diet. A slow and steady course is always best as well as gaining knowledge about the food that you eat can help you to change and be more positive about that change. Changing to a Kemetic diet is therefore very realistic. The quote on page 98 has always inspired me to change my diet. Plutarch reports “…..strive to prevent fatness in Apis as well as themselves(1), for they are anxious that their bodies should sit as light and easy about their souls as possible, and that their mortal part (body) should not oppress and weigh down their divine and immortal part… It was a very inspirational quote at that time and I have never forgot it when it comes to food.
4. The general population was considered to be one of the most healthiest groups of the ancient world. True
5. The initiates ate the same diet as the common folk. False
6. As a part of your spiritual program, begin limiting your intake of food gradually.
7. who’s favorite food is lettuce? Heru and Set.
8. If your family members are not interested or do not understand what you are trying to do, what should you do?
Maintain your practices in private and try to keep the interruptions to a minimum.
9. Once you have established a schedule of minimum time to devote to practices, what should you do?
Even if it is just 5-10 min per day you should keep to your schedule it at all possible.
10. One should start there Spiritual Practice with breathing.
11. What is the minimum time for meditation? 10 min in the AM.