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Bastu Baket

Lesson 2 Video Intro to Egyptian Yoga Pt. 6:

Continuing the theme of Serpent Power Sebai Maa explains how just like a barometer for weather where it goes up or down according to pressure, so too are people like that sometimes. Having our good or bad days, sometimes up sometimes down. But the barometer is in essence the Life Force, our Serpent Power energy also known as Sefech Uashti and what we want to do is to keep the barometer up in harmony with our higher nature. As Sebai Maa explained to us in Kemet at the Temple of Amun as well as in this video, the temple itself contains the Serpent Power philosophy and is created in three sections, the lower body, the head and the crown. The temple is created in a caduceus like architecture. The caduceus symbolizes the single entrance, the duality of the two goddesses, the two serpents and the non-duality that we must walk through as we enter in towards the inner shrine. Each temple has a winged sun disk, the all encompassing nature so before we enter the temple we are asked to meditate on this high Serpent Power principle and the tantric union. The tantric union is the union of the opposites, gender, higher and lower nature (Smai Tawi) etc. These should be our offerings as we enter into the temple either physically as we did in Kemet or through our daily meditation to have union with the Divine.

Seba Dja read certain passages from the actual Serpent Power text that a is presented in the ritual system of Kemet and Sebai Maa explained their meanings. The readings were of the Serpent Goddesses how they rise through the left and right side of the head (temple areas) and unite at the center of your head and purify not just our physical nature but our astral and emotional nature. I especially resonated with “Not with words, in silence, stillness they rise to the top of your head encompassing all time as they do for their father Ra”. Here again this silence that Sebai Maa has talked about rising above the hekau, the mantra, thoughts to go beyond in stillness where they do their work of purification. So one must become established in the awareness of Divine Consciousness having the Goddesses remaining at the brow just as you see depicted on Ra or had been on the Sphinx or Hor M Akhet and many other Gods/Goddesses denoting Enlightenment. But this requires practicing the disciplines of Shetaut Neter in order to have that purification and understanding. Many people practice Kundalini or Serpent Power but do not have the understanding and philosophy behind the practice and therefore become dis-balanced.

Sebai Maa showed slides of the spheres of the energy centers and also an important teaching of Goddess Maat presiding over an evaluation of your consciousness. If one has not purified and united all energy centers there is a biting by the Amit monster between the upper and lower areas of the main shaft signifying a re-incarnation of that person’s soul will occur as they have not united upper and lower realms of their personality, have not become all encompassing to defeat Set, the egoism in the personality. One cannot enter the inner shrine and sit on the throne of Asar with egoism. Another slide was given showing the energy centers and where each is located along with the coiled serpent and how we must allow the 3 1/2 turns of the Serpent power. The extra half turn represents transcendental attainment the goal, going beyond the manifestations of nature and purification to the Ultimate.

What is important to understand here is that we are the “architects of our own evaluation”. This is not what is preached or taught in Orthodox religions. God is always represented as separate from oneself, judging at the Pearly Gates etc. I too was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and just what did I find it lacking? What endeared me to Shetaut Neter? It had the myth. It had the ritual. Ah yes that’s it no mysticism!! The beauty of Shetaut Neter, the nectar of its teachings, philosophy and devotion also include mysticism. Something I had no concept of but am learning and practicing now through learning the myths, having a Spiritual Preceptor and teachers to guide and correct me on my spiritual journey, association with like minds through this course and other means and daily practice of Shedy.
Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja and all!
Shems Baket