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Statue of Goddess Aset Suckling baby Heru as she suckles aspirants at her temple with the wisdom teaching


“In all thy undertaking, let a reasonable assurance animate thy endeavors; if thou despair of success, thou shalt not succeed.”



In addition to this feedback to your post you should also read my reply to Akhua September 16, 2015 at 8:31 pm

This tape has been placed here at this stage now that you have gone through several lessons because after going through those intro lessons you should by now have gained a basic understanding of the importance of the teachings and therefore now also the importance of the approach to it; how should a spiritual aspirant approach the teaching and its purveyors so as to promote the most beneficial interactions and communications as well as the best psychological attitude in the aspirant to be most receptive.

For those who may be taking this course for learning about the teaching it is fine to that extent. For those interested in seeing themselves as aspirants or initiates of the teaching then they need to apply further respect and reverence of the teaching so as to cultivate the deeper feelings towards the teachings and their source and goal (the higher consciousness).

Therefore, this is a decision every potential aspirant needs to make; to be an interested person studying various teachings but remaining basically unchanged by those and carrying on with life essentially as before, if perhaps with a few tweaks here and there to smooth the rough edges of the personality (which is the path that most people follow), or to dedicate to more substantial deeper work that would lead to a real and profound transformation.

This section of the program is approaching the end of Level 1 Part 1 of the program (lessons 1-19) and moving towards Part 2 which begins with Lesson 20; here the program begins a more religiously oriented part of the introduction to Shetaut Neter wisdom and philosophy. This is what part 1 is preparing the student for, to have a proper foundation for an advancing introduction to the temple wisdom and practice with which to carry on a viable spiritual evolution.