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Ba-soul in color not drawing

“The Ba” (Ancient Egyptian Soul)

Udja and welcome to the program.

As you move forward on the spiritual journey with the assistance of this program you will hopefully find much support and understanding and peace with which to face and confront the issues of life such as the troubles due to family life including deaths, agitations, distractions and issues on the job or personal psychological or physical illnesses, etc. In terms of getting a “Green Body” I also suggest you listen to the Kemetic Life Skills series which is accessible on the Blogtalk Radio archives ( The issue of greening the body mind and soul is critical to success on the spiritual path. Indeed, the threefold daily worship is a positive way to keep connected to the teachings throughout the day and you should also become a member of the email group which received daily notices three times per day as reminder to practice or at least call back to the attention of the teaching during those times. Some aspirants add it and get the notices via their smart phones and also you can get a timer app for the phone to remind you at the appointed times. As part of your spiritual practice look closely at the images given to you in direct replies to your post and secondarily look at those given to others for additional insights that go beyond the specific issues related in the text of the feedback that you will receive.

Neberdjer Amun Ra Ptah

Om Amun Ra Ptah

Om Amun Ra Ptahis a powerful Hekau we use generally for all temple programs and therefore there is much spiritual energy accumulated in this hekau that all aspirants can tap into for spiritual strength as well as wisdom insight into the teachings. Therefore, continue with that for now.

Indeed, you can read the Maat precepts as they are also part of the Daily Worship Program as well which you can find in the Shedy Room page of this site. There also you can find recordings of the morning, noon and evening daily worship sessions that you can play and see other aspirants practicing as well to feel fellowship with them and bolster your personal spiritual practice.

Clearing a space for your spiritual practice is also a metaphor of clearing mental and soul space as well. So its not just about the physical space as most people think and then wonder why there is no peace of mind or spiritual enlightenment, or wonder why there is so much strife and conflict in the world over religion or other egoistic issues. The clearing only of the physical still leaves obstructions that will eventually thwart the true spiritual evolution. When all three spaces are cleared then a passageway has been opened through all the planes of existence that need to be opened in order to have a successful spiritual evolution. Therefore, continue with the cleanup plan and access the suggested resources and keep moving forward with us.