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Image of the Temple of Aset at night during our visit last summer – a supreme monument to the wisdom of Shetaut Neter and its practice


“The greatest bounties given to us are, judgment and will; happy are they who misapply them not.”



This was an extensive post on an extensive lecture packed with much important teachings. The manner in which you listed what you learned is positive. Your applications in #2 and #3 are denoting progress in terms of understanding the teaching and then the next critical step, to be able to properly apply it. These are two critical steps that most aspirants fail in. Step 1 properly understand the teaching, and step 2, properly applying it in day to day life. Most aspirants want the teaching to be instantaneous and for the vast majority it is a toil, a slogging struggle that gradually becomes easier over time and finally effortless and joyous and supremely peaceful and etc. Therefore, this lesson and your interpretation of it demonstrates the importance of working through the teaching in a systematic manner, especially in our troubled and distracted times, so as to be able to properly assimilate the teaching and make proper use of it. And this is only the foundations! And this is where most aspirants are critically flawed and lacking the proper foundation there is lack of success.

Now, in #2 you said “my connection with creation has caused many self inflicted wounds in my life…” In the higher studies you will find not just many but the proper term is “All” but that we will leave for future lessons in higher levels of study. In #3 you said “get carried away with the conversation by other employees.” In fact the issue of getting caught up or carried away by events of life in the world or in the mind is all part of the same original problem and the intensity of the spiritual practices in terms of deeper understanding and application, leads to greater detachment and dispassion; but unlike the understanding of most novice aspirants, that intensity does not occur overnight or by meditating 10 hours per day but over time of regular but effective application of a teaching that has been properly understood. This is the true practice of the mysteries and you have been associated with the teachings for years since your signed on to this course and that was a foundation just to have the level of success you are experiencing now. So imagine, even considering that all human beings are unique and their levels of evolution are different, that most people in this present day and age are extremely ignorant and therefore susceptible to “getting caught” in the illusory dramas of the world and therefore, those who seek a true path of spiritual evolution are few and far between but a laudable group and an honor to be in company with.