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Seba Dja

July 14, 2015 at 9:12 pm #2850 DinahPemberton
Lesson 5, Leve1 Video Assignment Intro to SN by Dja -conference 2008 part 2

Udja Dinah

Re: “If am honest I feel flat, up and down,lost and confused at the moment. I don’t consciously practise the teachings daily. I dip in and out. But in this cycle, pattern and in awareness I am operating from my head and starting to see and feel that coming from that place is not actually serving me a purpose. I get angry, upset and frustrated. I am guessing this is linked with the fetters of set? When I start the teachings again it feels right. I am aware also that am slowly trusting and having a burning desire for the teachings as I feel it in my heart sometimes too.”

Another proverb to add to Shems Akua for your reflection:

“It is not possible to give one’s Self to the body and the bodiless, things perishable and things divine. The one who has the will to choose is left the choice of one or other; for it can never be the two should meet. And in those Souls to whom the choice is left, the waning of the one causes the other’s growth to show itself.”

Realize Enlightenment, Nehast, occurs in degrees. So, if you are sincere about attaining Nehast, then just continue your practice of Integral Shedy. Of key in your paragraph are your last 2 sentences: “When I start the teachings again it feels right. I am aware also that am slowly trusting and having a burning desire for the teachings as I feel it in my heart sometimes too.”

The negative will still be there…as it has been built up into a big mound…so yes, you will find yourself in battle with Set and being defeated by Set…however, realize that Enlightenment occurs over time and in degrees, and also, that this is not the “same ole, same ole”. In other words, previously, there was a time that you identified with Set, so Set’s victory was your victory. What I mean is there was a time where you identified with your ego-personality such that when you acted egoistic in any of the dull or agitated ways {telling someone what you thought of them, no matter if it hurt their feelings, getting angry at someone and justifying your unloading on them by feeling that they deserved it for doing something wrong to you, or seeking to find happiness by fulfilling the sense desire to acquire objects (includes people and places), etc.}, you had no awareness that this “you” engaging in these dull and agitated activities was not “You” the Higher Self. So, there was no separation.

Now that you are beginning to question, Is It Set? is a big deal in spiritual transformation. Because now, You are beginning to separate yourself from the impure Ego. When this occurs, when you can see the impure Ego as separate from “You”, now you can start to experience detachment from the ego-personality, and now you can begin to work on purifying the Ego-personality, because it is something outside of you…so you can work on it. It is like a dirty mirror that is not allowing you to see the real you. Just as the mirror is not you, the ego is not you. But when the ego becomes purified…clean, just like the clean mirror will allow you to see your self, so too the purified ego will allow you to see your True Self.

So these steps you are taking…though seemingly small, are in the right direction. Your detachment will grow the more you are able to see and relate to the impure ego as being something outside of the real you, and basically all the work of Shedy is to clean the dirt off of the Ego, so that you can see your true essence.

When the ego becomes purified, you are able to then go beyond ego, to experience your Transcendental True Essence. And when you are not transcending time and space, but operating in T & S, then you are working through the purified Ego…this is why sages can still have an “individual personality” that functions in time as space, because they have a purified ego.

So, the goal is to purify the ego, even though we may refer to it as getting rid of the ego. When the ego (including mind) is purified, it is no longer an obstructs the vision of one’s Self.

So, continue on…perseverance, repeated effort and increasing detachment will pave the way to Nehast.

S. Dja