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Bastu Akhu

Level 1- Lesson 11A – Audio Assignment – 220 The etiquette and decorum of an initiate

1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words

The main teachings brought out in the audio recording covered temple etiquette, how to become an advanced student of the teachings and how to relate to other initiates and non-initiates.

Temple Etiquette

Proper temple etiquette includes proper hygiene, proper clothing, proper greetings and proper posture. Hygiene goes beyond physical cleansing, an aspirant must also cleanse the mind through meditation and the speech through proper thoughts and divine chanting. An aspirant should also be properly clothe with white of light clothing without worldly logos or writings upon entering a spiritual temple. By leaving worldly vibrations behind and being properly cleansed, an aspirant is raising their own vibrations to be able to receive the teachings as well as contribute to the positive vibrations inside the temple. The aspirant is also honoring their Higher Self and the Divine. Upon entering the temple an aspirant should prostrate themselves before the shrine/altar and greet the spiritual preceptor by performing the dua posture and uttering “Hetep”. An aspirant should also greet fellow initiates by uttering “Hetep” and taking a bow then take a seat and be introspective/silent. In taking a seat, there are several sitting postures allowed, in all of them the back should remain straight which leads to attentiveness and wakefulness and the ability to better receive the teachings.

Becoming an advanced student in the mystical philosophy

A student (shemsu) has to be a sebat- be in a receptive female capacity, be prepared to receive the teachings, to impregnate the mind and give birth to spiritual enlightenment. This means a student has to practice integral shedy because the mind cannot be enlightened by intellectualizing alone. The student’s mind has to constantly turned towards the Divine in a balanced way. Wisdom, right- action, meditation and devotion has to be involved in this process so an aspirant needs to know how to handle their mind and its many manifestations in incorporating these shedy disciplines and practicing integral yoga. If the mind is quiet an initiate can practice meditation, If relax and just want to listen to music, an initiate can play devotional tapes, if able to be a vessel for the Divine an initiate can practice right action etc. A student should also take the initiative to read and re read books, re listen to lectures and follow up on teachings received by spiritual preceptor. A student should also be ambassadors of the teachings by reading and being familiar with the contents of the foundational books, The Kemet Diet, Egyptian Yoga Vol. 1 and the Initiation into Egyptian Yoga and as Seba Dja said “Becoming an action less actor” – a vessel for the Divine by always practicing the shedy disciplines with patience, consistency and perseverance.

Relating to fellow initiates and non-initiates

Relationships with fellow initiates should be cordial and friendly but not in a worldly sense where it is sentimental. It should be business-like and detached. Detachment and dispassion should be practiced in relationships with family and friends outside the temple as well. An initiate should aim to practice the virtues of Maat inside and outside of the temple. Initiates should have an understanding of the human predicament and also always be ready to forgive, freeing up the heart and allowing forward movement on the spiritual path.

2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one (s)?

I am practicing integral shedy disciplines, yoga, meditation, listening to the teachings, right action and devotion. I do at least two of the three fold worship program most days, some days I am able to do all three. I chant (Om Amun Ra Ptah) x 4 for the times I am unable to do a full worship. I am also re listening audio lectures and re reading different section of the books.

3. If not then how would you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice ?

I will continue by following Sebai’s instructions to my capacity and adjust as necessary in a balanced way.