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Level 1 Lesson 11a Audio Recording 220 The etiquette and decorum for initiates

1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words.

In ancient time, you would wash yourself before entering the temple and the same conduct should be demonstrated today. You must be cleansed physically, spiritually, emotionally and in your speech.

No distractions.

Posture – there are several that are allowed – cross leg, lotus, half lotus, you do not extend your feet forward , lay down, slouch over – these will lead you towards slumber or sleep.

You must greet your spiritual Preceptor with the upmost respect and adoration. All communications in the temple should be in relation to enlightenment.

Intellect, Emotions, Physical Constitution, and Spiritual Life – yoga, ti chi help the body get align with the spiritual side

Your movements have to be ordered and balanced (Maat). You have to allow the divine fire to grow within you… Shemsu a divine follower.

Sheti group – the discovery of the mysterious, this will allow enlightenment

Seba means star, illuminating voice, a shining voice