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For Level 1 Study 1 I was introduced to the religion and yoga system of Shetaut Neter. I have heard of Egyptian spiritual practitioners being monks and also as priests. My question is, is the Shetaut Neter as a system meant to be understood as a monastic practice? From my understanding Kemetian priests spent periods of time at the temple and periods of time with their family performing virtous acts as spiritual figures in their own community. How does the Kemetic practice at higher levels differ from the common interpretation of monks and priests in other spiritual systems? Lastly, I have studied Ethiopian coptic monks/ascetics and the tradition “Dessert Fathers,”did ancient Kemet presumably have renunciants who lived in nature as do many Indian yogis, ethiopian coptic monks, or was this practice more regulated in Kemet through the intitiatic school and a regular schedule for people of the temple?

Thank you