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Level 1 Lesson 1

1. List the Important Themes?
– The earliest known religion in this cycle of time is Neterianism before other religions arose.
-Ancient Kemetic people were dark skinned
-Neterianism is a complete or true religion by fulfilling the three elements of religion; teaching ritual mystical experience.
-Neterianism is based on a universal divinity Ntr who is beyond gender and form, and manifests through Khepri as the Pantheon of gods and goddesses.
-The Gods and Goddesses are within us, as aspects of our personality. Heru and Set represents the upper and lower self through the metaphor of upper and lower kemet.
-Daily practice is based on Shedi and the Three Fold Devotion.
2. What Impressed you the most about this presentation?
-I have been a student and seeker after the teachings of the Sema Institute and Sebai Maa for six years. The first three years I took the total system very serious and also shared it with many. The benefits were amazing. I will not go on about my practice but to say I was making progress in terms of length, concentration, and experiential realization. I was consistent daily, but was not completely overcoming my fetters. Layers and layers of karma and egoism has kept me bound to old patterns of thoughts and action. The last three years I have gotten deeper into certain areas of the spiritual practice but also stepped away from other forms, especially lacking in the devotional worship and action. Now…with a personal experience with the truth of the teaching and the truth and purpose of the human condition, I am going to allow the divine experience to express itself to me through the Neterian Shetaut Neter system. What impressed me the most about the presentation is the deep respect I felt for the inner truth, spiritual preceptorship, true religion, and the divine.