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Level 1 Lesson 1 An Evening With Sebai Maa and Dja, Why Shetaut Neter is important

1.What are the main teachings brought out in the audio recording?
– I really enjoyed what Sebai Dja had to share in regards to the human condition, the ego purification that defines what level a person is at spiritually. This society lacks those grounding spiritual principles and practices, so as aspirants we must create a way for ourselves and put the spiritual work as the most important factor in our life.
– Sebai Dja also emphasized the importance of working with all aspects of the personality, whereas for one person the key practice may be meditation and they may emphasis meditation, in reality it is the total system involving all parts of the personality that will allow a person to wake up to the higher reality.
– There was also a discussion on spiritual principles like dispassion and detachment, with the clouds being described as thoughts simply passing through the unchanging spaciousness of consciousness described by the sky. Sebai Dja gave many important metaphors regarding the nature of our existence and the need to understand and live with a higher wisdom that will allow us to live a spiritual life. I found it very critical that she mentioned that a spiritual life is a certain type of life and has to be approached correctly, same as you would expect to have a certain type of life as a professional athlete or mechanic. The spiritual path has specific knowledge and practice and we have to know what we want.
Dangers of an imbalanced awakening, which can not be easily or quickly fixed.
– The importance of a vegan diet, and connected to the green body and vegetation of Asar.
We are conduits. This statement by Sebai Dja really brought home the teaching that we and all, are the divine manifesting itself.
– Learn to love and recognize the divine in others instead of their egoistic actions.
2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and lecture? If so which ones?
– I am very inspired to practice all aspects of the system holistically. I currently practice meditation and short but sincere devotional periods, but having had periods in my life where I practiced all aspects intensively I am not at that level. I have not been daily doing the postures, reflection on words of wisdom, structured three-fold daily devotion, and am still developing my Maatian action and letting go of old habits that do not serve higher spiritual practice.
– Practicing Om Amun Ra Ptah as a Heka throughout my day while meditating and reflecting on the symbolism and teaching of each divinity.
– starting with Level 1 requirements for meditation time.
– Sebai Dja talked about recognziing the divine in others. Since then I have reflected on it and experienced it and it was liberating in so many ways. I currently have a lot of family over the passing of a family member and it shows a lot about how obstructed love can be and how we must overcome our base tendencies with a higher understanding.
3. If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?
– I will implement the teachings firstly by adhering more precisely to the threefold daily devotion as a grounding anchor to allow me to incorporate reflection and meditation into the daily practice. I will also work with daily chanting the Maat Precepts as a way to strengthen my clarity of understanding and align myself with Maat to help me purify my ego and heal my actions.
– I am on day three of the program and will clean up my space and create the shrine to focus my daily practice.