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“Keep your barometer up.” Sebai Maa explains your Serpent power is your barometer (Sefek Uadjdi) or 7 energy centers. The Kemetic Temple Has the serpent power created within, representing the lower body, head, and crown with 2 rooms on either side. In this way the temple forms a Caduceus. The entrance to the Temple also forms a Caduceus, with the pylon on either side representing the serpent Goddesses and Serpent power symbol of the Sun disk over the entryway. Images from the Kemetic Temple of Kom Ombo in Aswan also displays the symbol of the Caduceus entwined with the lotus to represent Enlightenment. It was explained that “Uadjdi” represents the dual nature of the Serpent power, which is like a fire of purification where the double Goddesses rise on the left side and right side to join together at the pineal gland between the brows.

Sebai explained how Ra Horakhuti transcends time and space and comes to you within in the “silent space” beyond the concept of time and space, achieved through Meditation practice and discipline. Purification of the physical and mental must be achieved. It is not enough to purify just the physical. One must have a philosophy to prevent mental illness. When it comes to the 7 energy centers , the 2nd energy center represents the lower level of sex, creativity and control over others. Sebai Maa asserts that one must rise to the 4th energy center to realize the higher level of Serpent power. When one raises the serpent to stay between the brow it brings about perennial awareness, i.e. Enlightenment.

The Greenfield papyrus shows the 7 energy centers represented as rings or spheres where the lower energy centers are destroyed by the Amit creature, representing your consciousness being evaluated by you. “You are the Asar!” In other words you judge yourself. The lecture turns to the coiled serpent iconography, used also in the Hindu tradition. 3& 1/2 coils represents going beyond dullness to a higher consciousness, with the 1/2 representing moving into transcendental awareness. Most people are caught in the 3rd energy center and therefore must practice Maat philosophy for Purification. This is likened to the 7 Cows that represent Creation and the Bull, represented as Asar who inseminates the 7 Cows.

When Set threw Asar’s body into the river, it landed on the shores and a tree grew around His body. When Aset discovers the body of Asar in the Djed pillar, She raises the Djed pillar, symbolizing the “raising of consciousness.” This iconography can be seen in the Temple of Asar in Abdu. It is through the integral practice of Yoga that all the disciplines are enjoined to lead to the Divine.

This particular lecture brought forth a lot of visual imagery that I found helpful in my reflections. The first statement by Sebai Maa was “Keep your barometer up,” meaning your Serpent power. Since the barometer is an instrument used to measure as it rises incrementally upward, a clear image of the “Sefek Uadjdi” (seven energy centers)rising from the lowest level to the highest level forms. It makes perfect sense and a powerful statement. Since few people can actually see the physical image of the Serpent power energy centers, it is effective to give a physical visualization as to how it might operate, as in the “Golden white light”moving up and down the spine during Meditation.

I occurs to me that this type of symbolism and visualization is the same genius behind the Kemetic teachings. I can now fully appreciate how the ancient Temples in Kemet were carefully constructed based upon the Serpent power. Having walked through through the Temples of Kemet I can readily see the image of the Caduceus model built into the design layout. For the first time I feel as though I fully understand the true nature of the Kemetic Temple. The imagery doesn’t stop there with regards to the Serpent power. I was particularly struck by the serpent that was coiled 3 1/2 times. This image, that finds its way into Hindu iconography as well, represents the three lower energy centers being transcended to the Higher energy centers and, ultimately, Higher consciousness. It is the “1/2” that makes the difference and, to me, speaks volumes to if you can meet the Divine halfway, ultimately you can transcend to Higher consciousness.

Finally, the image that I must have seen hundreds of times from the Temple of Asar is Aset raising the Djed pillar of Asar. There it was in front of me all of this time. Aset, who represents Divine Wisdom, raises the Higher consciousness. These visual aids, when properly and authentically interpreted, help lead to Enlightenment (Nehast) the Great Awakening. It also made me consider the negative images we are surrounded with on a day to day basis in modern Western society i.e. the exploitive billboards, magazines, television and movie icons etc. to name a few. When compared to ancient Kemetic civilization, founded on the principles of Maat and imagery that was nefer, is there any question as to why modern society is degraded and deteriorating at a fast pace?
Shems Heryt
Shems Heryt