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“Man is separated into Soul and Body, and only when the two sides of his senses agree together, does utterance of its thought conceived by mind take place.”




Wow this was a very very very comprehensive rendition of the lecture.

One correction and a short commentary on an extensive posting.

The term you used, “Per AA” as we use it – for consistency, is “Per-aah” Per =house, aah = great, [Pharaoh].

aset Isis hovering over naked body of Asar with erect penis

Indeed you have reflected perhaps one of the most important wisdom intuitions of the Tantric philosophy, that being the necessity for complementary opposites in the form of maleness and femalness; without which there can be no whole in a relative sense (i.e. time and space). However, the oneness is realized either by unifying the principles in which case they cancel out or destroying their legitimacy by understanding their illusoriness in which case the equation of gender itself as being an illusory opposite to spirit invalidates gender as a concept in itself and therefore cancels it out as a reality as such. What is left in either case is Spirit – with capital “S”. This is the true project of tantrism, to connect the opposing elements and construct or reconstruct the whole, and in fact the one. Maleness and femaleness goes beyond the ordinary conception of gender such as boy and girl or penis and vagina; in a higher context the personality’s Spirit is the male and the many thoughts of mind are the female. When the mind undergoes the tantric discipline that demolishes the source of division that has created duality (maleness and femaleness) or the conception of Spirit and mind. Aset and Asar are primary tantric symbols as we saw in the temple wherein the motion-filled Aset hovers over the motionless Asar. But in this case mind (Aset) is intuitional as opposed to polarized ego so this mind, Aset, engenders enlightened experience through the undistorted unperverted seed of Asar [as opposed to ordinary people with Setian mind who take that seed and pursue worldly forms of unisons with illusory objects. When that delusion is thrown asunder there is no mind and no Spirit but something else, which cannot be named. But it manifests as/through universality, wholeness and hetep (peace born of union of opposites –in other words experiencing oneself beyond gender qualities or their implications). Therefore, in the higher understanding of tantrism the genderless (androgynous) nature of the Higher Self is to be understood and its implications accepted. So if an aspirant is not capable of accepting the nature of androgyny which negates all that has been generated by gender and its identifications, then the tantric path is not suitable. While all mystic philosophies lead to that same outcome not all use gender in so stark a fashion that is such an affront to personalities that have led in most cases highly sexualized lives replete with gender identities. This points to a danger of tutelary practice in that without higher preceptorship some aspirants may become accustomed to the gender of their tutelary and see themselves in such a context without regard for even the teaching of that tutelary which negates such ideals. You have opened the door to a truly mystic look at the higher aspects of tantrism.

In answer to the last question, “I have a final question with regards to the Sefek Ba Ra (Seven Souls of Ra). Do the 7 Hetheru Cows also symbolize the Sefek Ba Ra, and the Bull of Asar that impregnates the 7 cows reflect a combination of Arat Sekhem and Tantra Yoga?”

Hathor - Seven cows and Bull line

Definitely, Tantrism is intimately related to the conception of the Sefech ba Ra (psycho-spiritual energy centers) and the Arat Sekhem (Serpent Power). It might be said that they are integral. For when the two serpent goddesses make their move they intend to move the energies of the two complementary opposites towards a dissolution-ary movement and outcome. So the two opposites which manifest through varying levels of consciousness (the cows-centers), pass through them to cleanse them and thereby allow an unobstructed connection between the lower and higher aspects of self. When that occurs it is said that the dual serpent powers (which are in reality dual aspects of the psychological impetus towards enlightenment (initiatic disposition or shemsu) have merged into unitary consciousness.