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Level 1 Lesson 11a pg 155 – 168

1) The Daily Worship Program consists of (3) worships during the day.

2) How should an aspirant think about their personal practice, how much importance to assign to it and what should they do about taking the time to make the threefold observances when at work, and home, around others who follow other traditions, or when nobody knows what they are doing?

4) The Aspirant should regard their personal practice as the top priority because enlightenment is our top priority. We are supposed to take every opportunity we have to commune with the divine self or higher self.
Choose an icon according to your spiritual (inclination).

5) Describe the “Hetep Slab”
a)Stone Slab
b)Female and Male Representations
c)Libation Representations
d)Supreme peace symbol

6) You should try not to come in to the (temple)harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, greed, lust,jealousy, envy, and so forth.

7) Write a brief essay on how to conduct oneself in the temple:

The temple is to be thought and treated with the highest respect. This is done because the temple has grace and power associated with it especially during chanting or wisdom teaching. As a aspirant you should aspire to receive these teachings from the temple preceptor and should know that in order to receive the teaching fully one needs to be cleansed of the mind and body.

8) What is the meaning of the term Seba? Teacher that provides the seed of enlightenment.

9) Name the different ways one can sit in the temple.
a) On the ground\floor legs crossed
b) Sitting on a chair legs together
c) Half lotus and full lotus
D) On your knees\heels

10) Hygiene of your (body),(Speech), and of your(Mind)are the three main
concerns for an initiate.

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