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sedjm (to hear)Sedjm-“Listen and Heed what has been heard”

“Beware of releasing the restraints in you; Listen if you want to endure in the mouth of the hearers”

“The house of God hates too much speaking. Pray then with a loving heart, who’s petitions are all in secret. God will listen and do thy business, and will accept your offerings.”




There were many points covered in the presentation.
Indeed, as I was saying in the previous posts (to this one) –read those also. Sometimes it seems as though the spiritual practice is stagnant and for some aspirants it really is, and they move towards a worldly ego perspective and away from the teaching and its practice-as their personalities dullness has taken over. However, for others, sometimes a reflection time is needed to process what has been learned and to readjust the feelings in the heart (unconscious mind) . For such aspirants the readjustment has allowed the spiritual evolution to move up a few notches/degrees and they can come back to the teaching with more qualitative capacities to practice and understand the teachings.

To some people the statements you have given (““The path to peace is peace, the path to joy is joy”. An aspirant does not need a reason to be at peace or to have joy, we can choose it in the moment. No matter what we are experiencing in the physical universe it is illusory, we can choose peace and joy and allow the experience to move past us.” ) may sound like platitudes and depending on the perspective they are; but they are also truths that need to be heeded (sedjm) but that heeding occurs when a certain level of purity is accessible in the personality. Until then they are aspirational but aspiration coupled with right action leads to attainment. Therefore, it is important to hold on to even the smallest piece of what one knows internally is the goal and that is why you are an aspirant. You may not know fully but you know enough to know that there is something real and attainable and so no matter what, that is the goal and the source of sustenance throughout the spiritual journey.