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“Though all men suffer fated things, those led by reason (guided by the intellect), do not endure suffering with the rest; but’ since they’ve freed themselves from viciousness, not being bad, they do not suffer bad.

The responsibilities and entanglements of modern life are certainly a challenge for any aspirant. What is important is to at least hold on to Khnumnt Nefer – which you are doing. If life gets hectic at least hold on to good association and that will help to pull through the tougher times. That keeps you connected to the stream of wisdom; then when you get a better handle on the world that continuous stream which was he support then becomes an even stronger beacon to connect with and understand the mysteries of life. In the process of spiritual evolution sometimes it occurs that the forward momentum slows and inertia due to negative aryu coming to the foreground, has set in. That is part of the processing of the negative aryu; the key is to not allow that to stop you completely. Stay connected and that connection is the door that eventually allows the other disciplines to come back in a more desirable way when the time is right.