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“The wise person who acts with MAAT is free of falsehood and disorder.”

Very good. A few comments,
It is interesting the synergy that occurred in your answers. In #1 you said: “Purity is necessary in order for the truth to be seen. Impurities such as anger, jealousy, and a life lived in pursuit of sense pleasures cloud the intellect, and prevent understanding of the higher teachings.”

In #2 you said: “learning to let go of my expectations,”
Impurities are the cause of unrighteous expectations and unrighteous simply means not right, not correct. Therefore, the study and practice of the teachings will lead to purity that in turn leads to righteous expectations, meaning expecting what is true and correct in life. What is correct may sometimes not be agreeable to the ego but a personality purified by maat has rendered the ego righteous meaning truthful, that acts in accord with truth and so such a personality effectively does not have expectations since what is right is true and what is not right is a deviation from truth and only a deviation causes anxiety, stress and upset, a stressful expectation of some bad consequence due to the deviation. What is true is normal and to be expected, understood and accepted, even death.
Therefore, rightly, a focus on maat, with this expanded understanding, is key to success on the spiritual path.