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“Hold hands with God.” “Become one with God.” This is how the lecture begins. The concept of Unity is expounded by Sebai Maa when he quotes the Bhuddist proverb “If you see the Bhudda kill it.” This was he same high philosophy of Kemetic Sema Tawi, meaning that you must transcend, even beyond the physical imagery, to truly have Union with the Divine. Union with God comes through Maat, because it is Maat that is at the front of the boat as it emerges out of the NU and brings forth Creation. Sebai Maa asserts “Without Maat you can forget Enlightenment” because it is Maat that breaks the waters to make way for the Spirit. This is why Maat was the greatest offering as shown in the Temple of Asar with the Per AA holding the image of Maat in his outstretched hand before God. Maat symbolizes Purity of Heart, without which there is only mental agitation–compared to opaque vs. transparent glass. Maat philosophy dates back before 10,000 B.C. and was recorded in the “Maat Principles of Ethical Conduct,” as well as the “42 Precepts of Maat.” This predates the “Hindu Dharma Principles of Ethical Conduct,” which emerges in 800 B.C., the “Christian Beatitudes” in year 0, and the “Islamic Sharia” in 600 A.D.

The reason why there is so much pain and suffering in the world is because people seek union with the Divine in time and space. A better job leads to a better car, which leads to a better relationship, which leads to marriage, which leads to children, etc. This ignorance of seeking the Divine in the world does not allow one to expand their concept of Love because it is exclusive. The way to Divine Love is to love the entire Universe, just as the Divine does. It is explained that this Supreme Love is accessed through the 4th energy (Heart) center, and is achieved through the act of Devotion. It is not enough just to intellectually understand the teachings. As Sebai Maa points out, intellectual understanding will take you so far before your emotions start “dogging” you. One gains Wisdom (as opposed to intellect) through Devotion.

It begins by learning and reflecting on the Myth (Matnu) that engenders a feeling of kinship to the Divinities. This kinship enables one to act like the Gods and Goddesses which brings about a Mystical Union, referred to as the “I am” Devotional path, ultimately leading towards Oneness with the Divine. The practice of Meditation (Uaa) is also key on the path to Enlightenment, and Sebai has written books on various types of Meditation, including the Glorious Light Meditation (GLM). This particular Meditation was practiced in ancient Kemet by the Rekhyt and Hmu alike, and is actually inscribed on the walls of the Temple of Asar in the city of Abdu. The chant “NUK HEKAU” “I am the Word,” “NUK RA AKHU” “I am the Glorious Shining Spirit of Ra,” “NUK BA RA” “I am the Soul of Ra,” “NUK HEKAU” “I am the One who Creates through sound,” gives voice to Divine Union with God.

There are various paths one can practice to achieve Divine Union. There is Tantra (uniting of the opposites) symbolized by male and female sexual union. As Sebai Maa points out, this is a metaphorical rather than literal aspect of Divine Union. He states that the carvings on the Temple walls of Asar may appear to be sexual in nature, but what they represent are the principles of Maleness and Femaleness Uniting together to become One. Maleness represents non-movement and Femaleness represents movement in Creation, which is why the Female is always positioned on top of the Male. This is symbolic of emission (Male) and receiving (Female). Thus, the pictures draw a parallel of the Divine Principles of Gender, and their Union to become One.

This concept is entirely missing in Orthodox Religions such as Christianity, etc. as sex is taboo. It is pointed out by Sebai Maa, however, that Christhood implies sexual ejaculation through annointing. However, the female is missing in Western theology. Balance between the male and female was essential in Kemetic philosophy. There can be no righteous society where women are oppressed. This way of thinking was paramount in ancient Kemetic society, as it was founded on the Maat Principles of Ethical Conduct mentioned previously. In fact, it was pointed out that Egypt (ancient Kemet) was the only place where women were given equal status–legally and culturally–in history. Supreme Tantric Evolution is symbolized in the Heru Behudet Winged Solar disc, meaning Heru had become All-encompassing. Only then was Heru able to overcome Set and Set was forced to give up. One cannot defeat the ego on an equal footing with Set. One must transcend the ego and become One with the Divine.

The Serpent Power (Arat Sekhem) is yet another path to Divine Union, and is Sebai Maa’s path of choice. It means Serpent (Arat) Life force (Sekhem) and requires practice, self control, Meditation, and higher health–achieved through a nutrional, meat-free diet–as in all of the disciplines of Sema Tawi. The Serpent Power is in reference to the 7 energy centers called “Sefek Ba Ra” (Seven Souls of Ra) and is represented symbolically by the Djed Pillar of Asar with the two Goddesses Aset and Nebethet on either side, sometimes represented as two serpents coiling through the subtle channels at the crown, as in the Caduceus. The Serpent Power was practiced prior to 10,000 B.C. and we know this because the Sphinx (Hor em Ahkhet) originally had a serpent between its brow that was damaged by invading foreigners–Mamluks or Arabs–who occupied Egypt in approximately 640 A.D. The proof lies today in the Cairo Museum where one can view the Serpent Cobra of the Sphinx. The successful practice of Arat Sekhem transcends lower energy centers towards the Higher energy centers which ultimately leads one to Divine Union (Enlightenment).

I was touched by this most Maakheru lecture in many ways. The very first words “Hold hands with God” offered, in a figurative way, a profound and liberating insight into what it means to have Union with the Divine. It implies that God’s hand is extended and is just a hand’s reach away. This is in stark contrast to the out-of-reach, God-on-high image that I innately rejected when I was a child. Raised as a Catholic, I was taught in catechism that we were “made in God’s image.” In my youth I reasoned if this was true then God looks like me too, and that would make me God. From that day forward I questioned this idea of a God of wrath who looked like Michelangelo’s painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome (definitely not my image), and why I needed to go through Jesus before I could approach God?

For these questions I suffered because, at that time, there were no answers or anyone I could approach with my questions. It is one thing to come to the realization that “I am” God, and another thing when you don’t have the knowledge to become Godlike and have Union with the Divine. So I spurned God and turned to the Goddess because, after all, I was female and that is what I could relate to. but I had no knowledge of Maat, or Tanta, or Serpent Power Yoga and so mistakes were made. For example, I discarded the Male aspect just as Sebai said that Christianity discarded the Female aspect of the Divine. I did not understand the laws of Maat and Universal balance, so I did not realize that I was living out of balance with Maat. My love for all things Egyptian as a child eventually led me to Egyptian Spirituality, and a choice between many Gods and Goddesses. So I chose the Goddess misunderstanding, at that time, that you can’t have the Female without the Male and vice-versa because there is only the One. I was unaware of my ignorant dualistic way of thinking, something I am still working on, and wondered why I had pain and suffering in my life even though I had my dream career, house, clothes, children and none of it was enough to bring Supreme Peace and abiding happiness.

This is why I valued having an informed and authentic lecture on The practice of Tantra Yoga and how it draws a parallel of Male and Female sexual energy coming together to form Union with the Divine. In reality it is the Divine having Union with itself. One can still choose the Goddess with the understanding that She comes with a Complimentary Male counterpart that forms Divine Union. It brings forth a greater understanding of the principles of Gender and the Universal balance of Male (Nebethotep) non-movement or rest and Female (Iusaasety) movement in the Cosmos.

I also appreciated hearing that it takes more than intellectual knowledge to achieve Union with the Divine. I have always believed in the saying “knowledge is power,” and in the lower sense there is some truth to that. But in the highest sense there is knowledge and there is “knowing.” “Knowing” implies not just intellectual knowledge, but knowledge of the Heart. I realize that there is so much that I still do not know, but I now feel as though I have resources that I did not have years ago. Dua! Adorations Sebai Maa and Seba Dja for bringing forth the teachings that make it possible to “Hold hands with God” and transcend to Divine Union.

I have a final question with regards to the Sefek Ba Ra (Seven Souls of Ra). Do the 7 Hetheru Cows also symbolize the Sefek Ba Ra, and the Bull of Asar that impregnates the 7 cows reflect a combination of Arat Sekhem and Tantra Yoga?

Shems Heryt