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Level 1, Lesson 8, Audio Assignment – What is necessary for success in the spiritual practice?

1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words

A person with an agitated mind reacts to life rather than making choices. This creates more aryu and degrades the quality of the person’s life. The Shedy practice helps to cleanse the agitated mind so that an aspirant can make choices in alignment withMaat. The Shedy practice helps an aspirant to release guilt and tension from past actions and to understand the dynamics of past behavior. With understanding comes forgiveness and wisdom.
Truth should only be spoken when it does not do harm to anyone else. Truth should only be spoken from the perspective of the highest good.
An aspirant’s focus should be in purity of heart and being meticulous with their actions. Focusing on the action and not the results of the action. The process of performing the action from a selfless perspective, the concentration that is needed, the quality of the action, is an aspirant’s reward and brings them in alignment with the divinity in them. Understanding that one is not doing the action, God is dong the action through them, God is doing everything, keeping them alive, their breathing. It is all God, is the highest understanding while performing actions.
Aspirants should try to maintain a distance from those who are not spiritual aspirants. It is incorrect to think that one can be around anyone as long as they are focused on God. This way of thinking is a misconception.
It is important to have regular Shedy practice. An aspirant should not go to extremes one day and nothing the next. It is more beneficial to do a small amount consistently and with quality on a regular basis.
It should be an aspirant’s goal to develop a practice where the formal practice moves into the the informal practice seamlessly. An aspirant must reflect on the teachings and apply the teachings as they go through their daily activities.
When a spiritual aspirant “stumbles” they should refocus on their practice and move forward with diligence and renewed determination.
Success in life comes from spiritual focus. Developing spiritual focus allows an aspirant to apply that same focus to the world.
It is incorrect for an aspirant to approach their spiritual practice from the perspective that they have plenty of time. The world is deteriorating quickly and although an aspirant may continue their spiritual path in a next lifetime, they do not know the condition the world will be in.
Teaching is a great way to move your spiritual journey forward, however, one must practice what they teach.
Although life may bring challenges and an aspirant may believe they are not moving forward they must continue to persevere and continue to practice. If an aspirant gives up they will be swept backwards and must recover what they have lost. As an aspirant gains wisdom and knowledge how they “judge” their momentum will change. Remaining disciplined, patient and steadfast in one’s practice is guaranteed to bring the reward of Nehast.
“The path to peace is peace, the path to joy is joy”. An aspirant does not need a reason to be at peace or to have joy, we can choose it in the moment. No matter what we are experiencing in the physical universe it is illusory, we can choose peace and joy and allow the experience to move past us. As soon as we catch ourselves that is a moment of enlightenment.

2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one(s)?
I am consistent in my daily worship meditation, chant and yoga postures. After studying the guidelines for Shedy practice in this lesson, I have adjusted my schedule accordingly. I am continuing to implement the Kemetic diet, i.e., no meat, no dairy, organic and the supplements. I am fine tuning my diet as I listen to my body.

3. If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?
I am unfamiliar with the mythology in the practice. I have started reading Egyptian Yoga, Volume 1 to learn more about the mythology. Detachment does not seem to be an issue, my life experience taught me how to detach. I will continue my Shedy practice according to the guidelines set in the Lesson and continue fine tuning my diet.